Time for a change

For years I've written about little else but Scottish politics and more specifically the constitutional issue. Of late, I have become increasingly persuaded that this is now a pointless exercise. I have nothing new to say and nobody is listening anyway. I have tried always to present a particular if not a unique perspective. I … Continue reading Time for a change

A little difficulty

I didn't attend the AUOB rally in Dundee yesterday. While I don't imagine the St John Scotland volunteers were overwhelmed by people suffering the effects of extreme disappointment, I had assured a few people that I would be there so I really should apologise. I don't like letting people down even in what most would … Continue reading A little difficulty

Being odd

I attended an event yesterday (Sunday 29 September) organised by Yes Edinburgh & Lothian. Called 'The Big Grassroots Conversation', the even took the form of a number of workshops on various aspects of the independence cause and campaign followed by a Q&A session with a panel answering - or, at least, responding to - questions … Continue reading Being odd