Toeing the party line

Wishart has changed his tune. Back in June 2020 he was totally disparaging of the idea of a de facto referendum. 'Just doing it anyway’ means we would be doing something broadly similar to what Catalonia did when they ‘won’ their uncontested referendum – without actually winning a referendum! This would in effect mean we … Continue reading Toeing the party line

Wishartian censoriousness

There's something in today's National that we don't often see in "the newspaper that supports an independent Scotland" ─ an article taking a pop at a leading figure in the SNP. I guess it's fair to say that Pete Wishart is a leading figure in the party of independence. Although the term 'leading' seems particularly … Continue reading Wishartian censoriousness

Last chance?

Pete Wishart provoked a small Twitter stooshie (Twooshie?) with a Tweet celebrating the departure of Liz Truss. Though even he is astute enough to recognise that the celebrations may be short-lived as there could be worse to come. Anyone who asks how that's possible really hasn't been paying attention for the last several years. But … Continue reading Last chance?