How Scotland invited Brexit

Of course a Remain vote in Scotland won't be respected! In the unlikely event that Scotland for a People’s Vote get their way and a second EU referendum is called, Scotland's democratic choice will be treated with the same contempt as previously. Why would anyone imagine that it might be otherwise? The abiding purpose of … Continue reading How Scotland invited Brexit

The People’s Vote

I have previously made it clear that I am extremely sceptical of the whole #PeoplesVote thing. Crucial questions remain, to the best of my knowledge, entirely unanswered. In this putative referendum, what would the options be? How might these options be made clear, concise and unambiguous? Who would be entitled to vote in the proposed … Continue reading The People’s Vote

Alpacas might fly

It seems somebody called Willie Rennie is 'challenging' the SNP to support something called a 'people's vote'. Having done a bit of research, I can offer some clarification on the 'somebody'. It seems that Willie Rennie is the Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for North East Fife and Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats - … Continue reading Alpacas might fly