Be careful what you wish for

Ballot box

I suspect AUOB is about to fall foul of the idiotic tribalism which has infected the Yes movement. Getting the seal of approval (kiss of death?) from the SNP may not be the best thing that ever happened to the organisation. Being listed alongside 'friends' of the SNP such as the Scottish Green Party and … Continue reading Be careful what you wish for

Harvie’s havers!

Well! That was disappointing! I read the headline and supposed we might be in for some serious, hard-headed thinking about the strategy for the new referendum campaign. I wasn't long in being disabused of that notion. It all started so well, with talk of the fundamental constitutional argument for independence. This gave the impression that … Continue reading Harvie’s havers!

To kneel? Or to stand?

For all Partick Harvie's fine words, the tremulous vacillation and pathetic submissiveness exhibited by Ross Greer reminds us that there is only one political party that is, by virtue of its binding constitution, unequivocally and unconditionally committed to the restoration of Scotland's rightful constitutional status - the Scottish National Party. Whilst all support for the … Continue reading To kneel? Or to stand?

Facile assumptions, fallacies and falsehoods

The Green's failure to capitalise on STV's decision to include them in its pre-election debate line-up is far from an exceptional occurrence. They have form on this kind of thing. I well remember when, during the first referendum campaign, the Scottish Greens officially announced that they were joining Yes Scotland. This should have been an … Continue reading Facile assumptions, fallacies and falsehoods

And so it begins

A broad-based campaignWe've had the big media launch of the referendum campaign and, let's be honest, it wasn't all it might have been. Don't get me wrong! I'm not about to resort to the kind of sneering, carping, pantomime-cynical negativity that pervades the press. The general response of the mainstream media to yesterday's event has … Continue reading And so it begins