Speakers and what they say

Neil Mackay appears to be convinced that "there is a clear commitment to a referendum taking place next year". (Scottish independence march to be held in Paisley as AUOB unveil spring plans) In this he is far from alone a large part of what used to be the Yes movement seems similarly persuaded. Although this … Continue reading Speakers and what they say

Sunday Herald’s death rattle

If you're looking for words to describe Neil Mackay's open letter in today's Sunday Herald, the following list might prove helpful. self-righteous self-obsessed self-satisfied self-pitying self-devoted self-indulgent self-flattering self-complacent self-conceited self-aggrandising self-interested self-involved self-congratulatory self-seeking self-regarding self-serving The Sunday Herald editor's attempt to deflect and defuse scathing criticism of his paper's coverage of the All … Continue reading Sunday Herald’s death rattle