Politicians’ words

It irks to see people falling for the blandishments of manipulators. It's like that bit in a nightmare where you see someone you care about walking into danger and you want to scream a warning but you can't; or your warnings can't be heard. I see the Pavlovian response to some glittering generality and I get annoyed. Perhaps unreasonably so. Maybe even irrationally so. An age thing?

Vote Neale Hanvey!

There are things which are clearly anti-Semitic. And there are things which are only anti-Semitic because somebody has defined them as such. None of us can possibly be cognisant of all the things that everybody else deems offensive. We cannot hold that database in our heads. We certainly cannot update it minute by minute as ever more individuals and groups deputise themselves in the morality police.

The dictates of conscience

But what if, having interrogated your conscience, you still believe Neale Hanvey is the best person to represent you and your community in the British parliament? What if you have serious doubts about his guilt? What if you have reason to suspect he has been maliciously targeted by some "darker group"? What if you believe in due process and the presumption of innocence? What if you have a well developed sense of fairness?