Sovereign is as sovereign does!

I am about to break a cardinal rule of semantics, if not grammar. I am going to put the words 'honest' and 'sincere' in a sentence alongside the name Michael Gove. There! I've done it! The things I do for you people! It's not easy even to hold words like 'honest' and 'sincere' in ones … Continue reading Sovereign is as sovereign does!

Flexible language

The creature desperately trying to maintain human form has generously conceded that the British state which he serves will respect the "settled will" of Scotland's people. Or at least that's what you'd suppose were you to read only the headline in The National - Michael Gove: Independence referendum will go ahead if it's 'settled will' … Continue reading Flexible language

It’s what they do

Kevin McKenna is correct, of course. The proposal to extend the franchise in a future independence referendum to non-resident 'Scots' is nothing more than a far from subtle attempt to smear Scotland's independence movement with the tar-brush of ethnic nationalism. He is wrong, however, to portray this as a particularly Tory ploy. It would be … Continue reading It’s what they do