What a plan looks like

We don't need a constitutional convention to "break the “constitutional logjam” following the decision of the Supreme Court that Holyrood does not have powers to hold a referendum". We need only ask the very obvious question our politicians and the biggest part of the Yes movement is dancing around. How does the Scottish Parliament acquire … Continue reading What a plan looks like

Manifesto for Independence (revised)

In the light of developments since it first appeared some three years ago, I am today publishing a new version of the Manifeto for Independence. This fourth version of the document contains on significant addition, along with a number of minor amendments. The important change is the inclusion of a section dealing with a plebiscitary … Continue reading Manifesto for Independence (revised)

The worst of times

As you watch events unfold over the coming days and weeks please remember this. It is not the diagnosis that kills the patient. It's the disease. It is not the people who warn of impending failure who bring about that failure. It's the people who ignore those warnings. Before you start shooting messengers, bear in … Continue reading The worst of times