Don’t confuse the mob!

I can think of one very good reason for the SNP's voting strategy recommendation - simplicity. The electorate is stupid. Every individual voter might be a genius, but the electorate would still be stupid. Or to be more precise, political campaigns have to assume that the electorate is stupid. Because their message has to be … Continue reading Don’t confuse the mob!

Message in a ballot

Scottish local electionsThe past week has been a busy time for the priesthood of political punditry as they dutifully descended upon the eviscerated corpse of Scotland's local elections to solemnly scrabble about in the statistical entrails seeking signs and portents.Some of these seers sought that metaphorical gobbet of goat's guts that would allow them to … Continue reading Message in a ballot

Tory hypocrisy

David Cameron's deputy in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, was recently reported as complaining that the SNP were not sufficiently focused on local issues in the council election campaign because they were more interested in the referendum on independence.Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has claimed that the Nationalists are trying to turn the local election campaign into … Continue reading Tory hypocrisy