What are you prepared to do?

British Prime Minister (pro tem) Liz Truss's statement that the referendum proposed by the Scottish Government should not happen even if it is deemed lawful by the UK Supreme Court (UKSC) has provoked a predictably hostile response from the Yes movement. That the Yes movement should be so united in condemnation of Truss's remarks is … Continue reading What are you prepared to do?

The downward spiral

Richard Murphy may well be correct in suspecting that Truss and Kwarteng purposefully engineered an economic crisis (or should we say a severe spike in the endless crisis of the economic system) in order to justify a massive round of privatisations. (Liz Truss 'might want economic crisis to prepare NHS for privatisation') The idea is … Continue reading The downward spiral

Faceless forces

When you encounter people who denigrate and deride The National, try rattling off a list of the columnists who write for the paper ─ Stuart Cosgrove, David Pratt, Kirsty Strickland, Joanna Cherry, Andrew Tickell, Ruth Wishart, Lesley Riddoch and the rest. My guess is that you'll draw blank stares at most of the names you … Continue reading Faceless forces

Saving Scotland

"We are not four separate nations…" - Liz Truss The British Prime Minister-in-waiting could hardly be more explicit about the 'One Nation' British Nationalist agenda she intends to pursue. British politicians are now quite openly denying Scotland's existence as a nation. What is true for Scotland also applies to the rest of the periphery. Only … Continue reading Saving Scotland

A decade later…

Reading the recent utterances from the surviving rats in the Tory leadership sack I was reminded of an article I wrote almost exactly a decade ago (What does no really mean?) speculating as to what a No vote in the coming referendum might imply for Scotland. The following passage seems particularly prophetic in light of … Continue reading A decade later…