Are you asking the right question?

At present - and for our purposes there not only is no time like the present but no time other than the present - the only party capable of forming this pro-independence government is the Scottish National Party (SNP). That is a fact so far beyond doubt as to render questioning pointless. Even if there was a different or better answer further along the chain there is no time to get to that answer never mind implement the new solution. It's the SNP or nothing. So, regardless of any other consideration, shouldn't that be where all our efforts and resources are directed?

Sana et Vincere!

If social media is a concentrate of human folly and general awfulness then it is equally true that what we regard as 'the real world' is a dilute solution of the same foolishness and unpleasantness. So which offers the most accurate insight? Is the view we get of our fellow human beings in the 'real world' overly kind? Or is the view through the lens of social media excessively harsh? Can those who completely eschew social media precisely because it exposes more of the rawness of their fellow creatures than they are comfortable with really be said to have a less distorted impression of our species than those who only know the 'real world' as occasional visitors?

Lost comment

Mandate! The bigger the mandate, the better equipped the Scottish Government is to confront the British state - as it must. The mandate is measured in votes. So it follows that the more votes the SNP gets, the more powerfully armed it is for the fight. You want to take votes away from the SNP. You want to weaken that mandate. (And FFS! don't start going on about unused mandates. That's the past. We're discussing a totally different situation.)

Conveniently unchangeable

Here you come upon the important fact that every revolutionary opinion draws part of its strength from a secret conviction that nothing can be changed.George Orwell - The Road to Wigan Pier George Orwell can always be relied on for a thought-provoking quote. It's many, many years since I read The Road to Wigan Pier, … Continue reading Conveniently unchangeable