More than a bad apple

Like most of the media - The Courier being, to some extent, an exception - The Scotsman entirely misses the point. To portray Kathy Wiles's posting of the Nazi image as an isolated, if deeply offensive, incident obscures the fact that she has a history of such unpleasantness. And, more importantly, that this history must … Continue reading More than a bad apple


Douglas Alexander (Photo credit: Wikipedia)As I write this, the buzz-word of the moment is "reconciliation". The idea is being put about that Scotland will require some sort of healing process after the referendum. The implication being that the referendum itself has somehow been damaging to Scotland. We are effectively being told that the exercise by … Continue reading Aftermath

Transparent duplicity

Side-lined Darling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The Herald reports Cameron to make two-day foray to Scotland to fight for the Union. The only interesting thing here is that the supposed leader of the anti-independence campaign, Alistair Darling, isn't even mentioned. It seems that Cameron has abandoned hope of making the hapless British Labour back-bencher his scapegoat when … Continue reading Transparent duplicity

Johann Lamont does Monty Python

As I watched Johann Lamont's antics over the past week I was reminded of Monty Python's  famous "Dead Parrot" sketch. There was the hapless leaderette of British Labour's northern division desperately trying to assure us that the parrot of devolution is merely resting; or pining for the fjords and not dead. Not dead at all. … Continue reading Johann Lamont does Monty Python

Questions! Questions! Questions!

Gordon BrownWord is a strange creature was sighted in Fife today. It seems that Gordon Brown surfaced from wherever it is the British Labour Party keeps him these days to do his wee bit for the campaign to preserve the union. He made a speech, apparently. And, I'm told, had certain sections of the media … Continue reading Questions! Questions! Questions!

Lamont’s error of commission

Who does Lamont imagine she is fooling with her "devolution commission"? What is the point of it?If "Scottish" Labour was serious about meaningful additional powers for the Scottish Parliament then they have had ample opportunity in recent years to both formulate a policy and implement the measures. They did neither. Instead, they colluded with their … Continue reading Lamont’s error of commission

Trigger figures

Jackie Baillie - Treating voters like idiotsI had me a little Twitter-spat last night with "Scottish" Labour MSP and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, Jackie Baillie. Nothing remarkable in that, I hear you say. And it's true that Ms Baillie is one of the more irksome nonentities populating the seats at Holyrood which should be … Continue reading Trigger figures

Lamont’s suicide note

Johann Lamont - unprincipledIt was perhaps predictable that, after the initial shock of Lamont's precipitous lurch to the right, it wouldn't be long before the unionist media dutifully fell into line to protect "one of their own". The line now is to portray Lamont's speech as an utterly reasonable questioning of assumptions about universal benefits … Continue reading Lamont’s suicide note

Boaking with dinosaurs

Ian "Dinosaur" DavidsonFor those of us committed to Scotland, its people and its democratic institutions, there surely can be no spectacle more unedifying than the circus that is Scottish Questions at Westminster. An event which has increasingly come to be no more than an opportunity for MPs - especially British Labour MPs from constituencies in … Continue reading Boaking with dinosaurs

Cracks in the unionist façade?

Labour for IndependenceSurely one of the more significant recent developments in Scotland's independence referendum campaign has been the rise to prominence of the Labour for Independence group founded by Allan Grogan. A measure of just how significant is the shrill vehemence of "Scottish" Labour's insistence that the group is of no significance at all. But … Continue reading Cracks in the unionist façade?