A blancmange is not a brick

Once again, I am perplexed that Joanna Cherry shows not the slightest concern for what kind of referendum is being discussed. She appears to attach no importance at all to the form of the referendum that the UKSC is being asked about. It's as if anything that has the words 'independence' and 'referendum' attached is … Continue reading A blancmange is not a brick

Our first priority

One can hardly argue against the kind of improvements to our existing democratic institutions and processes suggested by Joanna Cherry. However, we should acknowledge the potential difficulty this presents in the fight to restore Scotland's independence. "Use the powers you have!" is a well-worn line used by Unionists. On the face of it, Ms Cherry … Continue reading Our first priority

Provoked thoughts

Joanna Cherry's column in The National today is as thoughtful and thought-provoking as ever. Two thoughts, in particular, were provoked by her remarks. The first relates to the matter of regulation, specifically in relation to freedom of expression and social media. The second to the issue of discrimination and the notion of a "right not … Continue reading Provoked thoughts

Do we take rape too seriously?

Not for the first time I must express my admiration for Kirsty Strickland. Her column in The National yesterday (SNP MSP Karen Adam is telling a simple truth about sexual predators) was thoughtful and thought-provoking. She a made a solid point about a sensitive subject and did so without resorting to emotive language. When an … Continue reading Do we take rape too seriously?

What do you see? What do you hear?

A photograph (above) posted on Twitter by Alex Salmond and shared by Joanna Cherry has prompted some speculation about the latter making a move to join the former in the Alba Party. The photograph shows a smiling Joanna Cherry standing between former First Minister Alex Salmond and senior Alba member Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. As one individual … Continue reading What do you see? What do you hear?

The fallacy of received wisdom

THE three questions we need most to focus on are the economic prospectus, our trading relationship with the rest of the UK post-Brexit and the route to accession to the EU. These are the questions which repeatedly come up on the doorstep, which are repeatedly put to our leaders and spokespersons and which they are … Continue reading The fallacy of received wisdom