Relying on magic

Without a process, nothing happens. It is process which connects intention to achievement. Anybody can say they want something. But until they can set out the process by which they will get what they want their words are empty. A purpose without a process is just wishful thinking. It is wooly-minded daydreaming. It is fantasy … Continue reading Relying on magic

Must the show go on and on and…?

While I am surprised by neither I am less irked by the British establishment's effort to forge new shackles for Scotland than by the posturing indignation of SNP and SGP politicians (Plan to give unelected Lords greater powers over Holyrood bills draws ire). The expressions of shocked outrage at something so readily foreseen is as … Continue reading Must the show go on and on and…?

The legal and the political

The Scots Government should in the court action challenge the very existence of the legal power of Westminster to say no to indyref2, by plainly asserting that the democratic legitimacy of Holyrood trumps that of the Westminster Parliament over Scots affairs, giving it Holyrood the legal authority to hold an independence referendum.Scott Crichton Styles This … Continue reading The legal and the political