Speech: Hope Over Fear 2019

The people of Scotland are sovereign! There is no qualifier appended to that statement. No ifs or buts. No conditions or caveats. No question. No argument. No equivotation. No ambiguity. The people of Scotland are sovereign. There’s a tendency to use that phrase quite glibly. Even that great champion champion of people power, Jacob Rees-Mogg, … Continue reading Speech: Hope Over Fear 2019

A significant day

The following is partly based on my notes for a speech given at the Hope Over Fear Rally in George Square, Glasgow on Saturday 15 September 2018. “They wouldn’t be that stupid!” Thus did Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp pronounce his verdict on the UK Government. Admittedly, he was responding to the provocative suggestion that the British state might, … Continue reading A significant day

Bare-arsed defiance!

I've probably watched Braveheart three or four times. I could watch Mel Gibson's 1995 'arse and archery' epic again today and still enjoy it. It's that kind of movie. A fine piece of cinematic story-telling replete with powerful characters and rich in visual spectacle. It's a bit of fun. But is it more than that? … Continue reading Bare-arsed defiance!

Keeping it together

If there is one thing that the independence movement needs less than the infamous factionalism of the left it is people jumping on the bandwagon as the media exploit personal antagonisms and jealousies among leading figures on the left for the purposes of a vendetta against one of the establishment's most reviled hate-figures. I am … Continue reading Keeping it together