Be careful what you wish for

Ballot box

I suspect AUOB is about to fall foul of the idiotic tribalism which has infected the Yes movement. Getting the seal of approval (kiss of death?) from the SNP may not be the best thing that ever happened to the organisation. Being listed alongside 'friends' of the SNP such as the Scottish Green Party and … Continue reading Be careful what you wish for

Counting beans! Tallying scalps!

Boris Johnson's "just not going to happen" remark looks a little less dramatic when placed back in the context from which it has been ripped in order to spice up the headline. If he'd said this in a different context it might have been possible to regard it as one of those pseudo-blunders which are … Continue reading Counting beans! Tallying scalps!

Reasons to be doubtful

But the question is no longer whether Scotland could afford to be a successful independent country – the question now is whether we can afford not to be independent.Nicola Sturgeon, November 2021 From an article published on my blog in June 2020. Some of us have for years been warning that the Union is inherently … Continue reading Reasons to be doubtful

Lost in space

What has changed about the "dynamic of the constitutional conversation"? Alyn Smith and others were claiming we'd "never been closer to independence" on the basis of polling support considerably lower than that indicated by recent research. By that reckoning we should have soared - or surged - past independence by now. I'm not sure where that would take us.

All our eggs in one Brexit

In a recent article I had some strong words to say about the notion that 'Brexit is the key' to Scotland's independence. I continue to be alarmed at the number of potentially influential voices within the Yes movement who are prepared to stake everything on Brexit. An already substantial, and arguably increasing, part of the … Continue reading All our eggs in one Brexit