A question of ownership

There's a bit of a tussle going on following the British Conservative & Unionist Party in Scotland (BCUPS) conference as two of their 'big-hitters' vie for the award for the most interesting thing said. Neither of them is Boris Johnson, who I suspect only bothered to turn up at the event because his job requires … Continue reading A question of ownership

The main thing!

Surely nothing is important to a professional politician than winning elections? Can an individual even be considered a professional politician if they haven't won an election? Absent an election win they are mere candidates. Or prospective candidates. Or somewhere even further down the cue waiting for a stab at elected office with all that this … Continue reading The main thing!

A place of political unreality

...this argument comes from a place of political unreality.Andrew Tickell: Home Rule in this reactionary UK would not answer our problems Reading Andrew Tickell's column in The Sunday National this morning, the phrase "a place of political unreality" struck a chord. This, I thought to myself, could be the strapline for 'brand Scotland'. We are … Continue reading A place of political unreality

Why is Gordon Brown?

What BritNats value about Brown is his ability and willingness to make huge promises that he has absolutely no authority to make or power to implement and do so quite convincingly. They tolerate Brown in their inner circles and higher echelons because this helps ensure that his 'interventions' are associated with them while being totally deniable. They encourage the media to hang on his every word because they cannot be held responsible for what he says.

British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), Ian Murray, Gordon Brown, George Foulkes and federalism

Why am I writing about British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), Ian Murray, Gordon Brown, George Foulkes and the federalism fantasy when there's actual important stuff going on? To be honest, I thought I had a really witty opening - something about balloons trying to breathe life into horses that had long ago been flogged to … Continue reading British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), Ian Murray, Gordon Brown, George Foulkes and federalism

Should we be nice to No voters?

I guess it depends on what is meant by being nice. If the question is whether we should maintain reasonable levels of civility in our exchanges with those who voted No in last year's referendum, then the answer is clearly in the affirmative. We should absolutely eschew petty insults and epithets which call into question … Continue reading Should we be nice to No voters?

Cap in hand no more!

Let's start by pointing out to Simon Jenkins that Alex Salmond is NOT "the putative Scottish leader in the commons". (An antidote to Alex Salmond: offer the Scots home rule) The denizens of the London bubble have only convinced themselves otherwise because his name is conveniently familiar. If they actually knew anything about the politics … Continue reading Cap in hand no more!

Vacuous vows and paltry pledges

Gordon Brown: A bag of wind and pishI see Gordon Brown has made another of his interventions (Labour in pledge to go beyond powers of ‘the vow’). It's all lies and deception, of course. There cannot possibly be a "distinct Scottish ­Labour manifesto" for the very simple reason that "Scottish Labour" is not a distinct … Continue reading Vacuous vows and paltry pledges

What’s going on with Gordon?

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)For those of us who like to subject the comings and goings of the referendum to the kind of analysis that the British media studiously avoids, Gordon Brown represents something of a problem. There is always this nagging … Continue reading What’s going on with Gordon?