Not happening

There must be something wrong with me. I cannot have somebody tell me what is what without wanting needing to whether it is. I cannot encounter a statement such as the one above without feeling the urge to query every aspect of it. The questions flow naturally and inevitably from the assertion. The questions are inescapable.

Do something!

As we would expect of such a respected academic, Gerry Hassan does a fine job of explaining how shifting ideas of the Union have helped bring the UK to its present predicament. Gone are the accommodations and compromises of old-style unionism which enabled the Union to survive in spite of its inherent defects and deficiencies. … Continue reading Do something!

Bare-arsed defiance!

I've probably watched Braveheart three or four times. I could watch Mel Gibson's 1995 'arse and archery' epic again today and still enjoy it. It's that kind of movie. A fine piece of cinematic story-telling replete with powerful characters and rich in visual spectacle. It's a bit of fun. But is it more than that? … Continue reading Bare-arsed defiance!