Gerry Hassan’s list – 6 to 10

Judging by some of the things Gerry Hassan says in his National column, he appears to think the rest of us are a bit thick. We confuse independence with an independence referendum. We fail to recognise the portion of the electorate outside the Yes/No divide. We focus on process when we should be concentrating on … Continue reading Gerry Hassan’s list – 6 to 10

Gerry Hassan’s list – 1 to 5

It is perhaps a sign of the general weariness which has beset Scotland's constitutional debate that a man of Gerry Hassan's great erudition can come up with a list of only 10 things to think about before our next indyref. Back in the day, a list from such a source could be expected to run … Continue reading Gerry Hassan’s list – 1 to 5

Do something!

As we would expect of such a respected academic, Gerry Hassan does a fine job of explaining how shifting ideas of the Union have helped bring the UK to its present predicament. Gone are the accommodations and compromises of old-style unionism which enabled the Union to survive in spite of its inherent defects and deficiencies. … Continue reading Do something!

Bare-arsed defiance!

I've probably watched Braveheart three or four times. I could watch Mel Gibson's 1995 'arse and archery' epic again today and still enjoy it. It's that kind of movie. A fine piece of cinematic story-telling replete with powerful characters and rich in visual spectacle. It's a bit of fun. But is it more than that? … Continue reading Bare-arsed defiance!