Epitaph for a cause?

I cannot help but be offended by the idea that the absolute acme of the independence campaign in the whole of the past year is a 21st century makeover of Larry Marshall's One O'Clock Gang interspersed with tantalising but ultimately disappointing glimpses of what BBC Scotland might be if it wasn't British and had some relevance to Scotland. Really? I can see why the SNP Conference wasn't even in the running for the biggest Scottish independence event of 2020. But White Heather Club for the Web? Really?


You may want to read this rousing article from George Kerevan. Although the unquestioning acceptance of the British state's veto on our right of self-determination sits rather uncomfortably amidst the generally radical tone. And while the criticism of the SNP and/or Scottish Government is entirely justified it must be borne in mind that the party … Continue reading YesAlba

Fissionable material

It has to be stated that the influx to the SNP from the left of Scotland's politics had many positive effects. The magnitude and speed of the growth in membership caused the party problems that it is wrestling with to this day. Finding venues with enough capacity may be the least of it. The radicalism of the new intake was not universally welcomed. But in general people were glad of the fresh talent as well as the foot-soldier reinforcements and the subs.

Here we go again!

The very first thing that George Kerevan and others must learn is to distinguish between the movement and the campaign. The things that work for a political movement are not necessarily the things that work for a political campaign. They are very different things. Diversity can be a very good thing for a political movement. … Continue reading Here we go again!

Scotland & NATO: The real debate

Scotland and NATO - A new alliance?Notwithstanding the mischief-making efforts of the BBC and others to turn the issue of SNP policy on NATO membership into a contrived controversy, there is unquestionably a genuine debate to be had. There seems little point in hoping that this debate will be advanced by those whose sole purpose … Continue reading Scotland & NATO: The real debate