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The following is an extract from my article in the April edition of iScot Magazine.

There was always something very fishy about the idea of Ruth Davidson as the protector of Scotland’s interests. The Tories’ betrayal of Scotland’s fishing industry reveals just how misplaced was the trust put in Davidson by those in our fishing communities who voted, first to keep Scotland in the UK, then to take the UK out of the European Union. To people outside those communities, this always looked like serial self-harm. To many, it seemed inexplicable that folk who make their living from the sea should continue to put such faith in politicians who had spent three years demonstrating, on an almost daily basis, the extent to which they had misled, deceived and downright lied to the people of Scotland during the first independence referendum.

When it was revealed that the UK Government’s Brexit ‘deal’ with the EU involved the Common Fisheries Policy effectively being retained for nearly two years longer than had been promised, there was no great surprise amongst those who have their finger on the pulse of Scottish politics. While the less well-informed were expressing various degrees of shock and dismay at this blatant breach of trust, the attitude of those more aware of the realities of Scottish politics was nicely summed up by Holyrood magazine editor, Mandy Rhodes,

What was more surprising to me was that fishermen, who so loathed the Common Fisheries Policy, were prepared to put their faith in the same Conservatives that took them into it, to then take them out of it with no equivalent pain. They were expendable then and they are expendable now.

There is evidently a curious psychology at play here. Ms Rhodes is far from alone in being perplexed by the readiness of the fishermen to believe the promises of those who have so frequently and comprehensively shown themselves to be unworthy of anyone’s confidence. How is such behaviour to be explained?

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The tool

ff_davidson.pngAs we wearily condemn yet another instance of British betrayal, let us not forget the role played by the media in this latest bit of unabashed duplicity. The mainstream media helped peddle the utterly false notion of Ruth Davidson as a significant political leader commanding a small but powerful group of “Scottish Tory” MPs; regularly attending cabinet meetings at Downing Street, and exerting real influence within the British Government. It was all lies!

There is no such group! There are only British Tory MPs, some of whom happen to have managed to get themselves elected in Scotland. Those British Tory MPs take their orders from Theresa May and the British Tory Whips at Westminster, not Ruth Davidson. Other than for the purposes of the occasional photo-opp, there is no place reserved for Davidson at British cabinet meetings. On a scale of one to ten, Davidson’s influence isn’t on the scale of one to ten. In terms of British politics, she is several promotions away from the rank of nonentity.

Which is not to say she isn’t useful to her masters in London. It was expedient to market Davidson in Scotland as a politician of some substance in the hope of persuading voters here that there might be some point in voting for Tories. Affording their leader a high media profile was like giving Pan Drops to the Tory faithful in North Britainshire. Being crowned Queen of the BritNats helped persuade hardline Unionists to abandon British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) in favour of the British Conservative & Unionist Party in Scotland (BCUPS). Elevating Davidson to the status of First Minister-in-waiting was a ploy to divert attention from Nicola Sturgeon and maybe even diminish her in the eyes of the more gullible consumers of British propaganda.

In all of this, the British media have been totally complicit. They lie to us in order that the British political elite may more effectively deceive us. They mislead and misinform us to facilitate the duplicity and mendacity of British politicians. As part of the British establishment, the British media naturally serves established power. It cannot be otherwise. Considerations of veracity and accuracy simply don’t enter into it. Truth is whatever serves the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

Ruth Davidson is a tool. She has been coldly utilised by her superiors in the British Tory party. She has been professionally exploited by the British media. When her usefulness is at an end – which may be far sooner than she would like – Davidson will be discarded like a snottery hanky.

But waste no pity on the wretch. She chose the role of puppet. As a British Nationalist, she is content to sacrifice her dignity for the greater glory of the British state. She could have chosen differently. She could have chosen to serve the people of Scotland. She could have chosen to serve democracy. She didn’t. Hell mend her!

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