Facing down the beast

Nicola Sturgeon: The Beastmaster!From reports of party donations it looks like the British establishment is rallying round its political servants. (SNP donations dwarfed by Labour and Tories as parties build election war chests) Big business and other vested interests are pouring money into the coffers of the British parties as they desperately seek to resist … Continue reading Facing down the beast

Propaganda cues

Annabel Goldie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)On a number of occasions recently I have mentioned the phenomenon of propaganda cues, or prompts. These are "lines" devised by the teams of media advisers - or "spin-doctors" employed by political parties. They are generally recognisable because they are not concerned with policy issues but with a process of manipulating … Continue reading Propaganda cues

Waking the giant

The unseemly hysteria with which the British establishment responds to pretty much anything Nicola Sturgeon says (Critics accuse Sturgeon of trying to 'bankrupt Britain' over £180bn public spending demand) gives us as a powerful reminder of the terror which is gripping the ruling elites of the British state as they face the very real prospect … Continue reading Waking the giant

Independence! Nothing less!

Amusing as it is to watch the LibDems try to portray themselves as the heroes in this situation (Smith Commission: Tories tried to dilute proposals), the fact remains that it matters not at all whether their Tory masters actually delivered on proposals which were themselves an incoherent and inadequate follow-up to a vacuous promise made … Continue reading Independence! Nothing less!