Do polls mean anything?

Given that no credible process for a free and fair referendum exists within the legal and constitutional framework developed by the British state for the purpose of preserving the Union at any cost to the people of Scotland, the party must commit to creating such a process immediately upon being elected to govern. Only be having a commitment to the Manifesto for Independence well in advance of the election can the Scottish Government have an unassailable mandate to take the action which will be required when the inevitable confrontation with the British state happens.

Nicola’s announcement: Is it enough?

We really have heard it all before. Almost word for word. Over the six years since the first independence referendum there have been almost as many promises of action on the constitutional issue as there have been missed opportunities to take action. Now we have another to add to the pitiful collection. Another to add to the pocketful of burst balloons.

AltIndy parties: What will they actually DO?

It goes without saying that the SNP has to win. But they have to win big! Bear in mind that the SNP is held to a different standard from the British parties. The British parties can be declared victors even having lost seats and vote share and votes. The SNP can increase all three and still be declared losers because they didn't win by some ludicrous margin.

Capital idea!

ulie Hepburn gets that one of the major problems with the 2014 referendum campaign was lack of focus. Far too much of the Yes campaign's energy was expended on pointless and totally inappropriate policy debate - both internally and in public. We allowed ourselves to be drawn into fighting a referendum campaign as if it were an election. We talked too much of policy and too little of principle.