How to make an informed choice

Whatever John Curtice may say, there is no such thing as "the economics of independence". Firstly, economies are not static. They are dynamic. One might even say organic. Secondly, they are not discrete. All economies are connected to one another. Fluctuations in the subsistence farming economy of a village in Africa may not have any … Continue reading How to make an informed choice

Wellness is a thing

Michael Fry may not be familiar with the word 'wellness', but that in itself does not bring it into the kind of disrepute that he implies. In fact, the term has been around since the mid-17th century; although, as with many words, its meaning has undergone some change through usage, it originally served as the … Continue reading Wellness is a thing

The only test

While not taking a position either for or against immediate implementation of an independent currency, I am obliged to note a rather obvious flaw in Richard Murphy's criticism of 'sterlingisation' as a transitional option. His analysis appears to assume that the rUK government will invariably follow a path on monetary policy which is detrimental to … Continue reading The only test