EU referendum is not Scotland’s fight

It should hardly be necessary to advise people not to be influenced by anything David Cameron says. Many people in Scotland may be tempted to vote Out because they believe what Cameron says about this making independence more likely. Those people need to pause for thought.They need to reflect on the fact that they are … Continue reading EU referendum is not Scotland’s fight

No negativity

Having read the headline over Iain Macwhirter's article in the Herald, I scoured what followed looking for some statement from Nicola Sturgeon quoted as evidence that the SNP is backing a "negative pro-EU campaign". I wasn't disappointed. But only because I knew better than to expect one. Instead of something - anything! - to justify … Continue reading No negativity

Scotland’s voice

Once again, David Cameron's first instinct is to deliver a contemptuous slap in the face to the people of Scotland.After the referendum, it was talk of English votes for English laws (EVEL) and his decision to arbitrarily impose conditions on delivery of the infamous "vow" signed up to by the British parties in the panicky … Continue reading Scotland’s voice

Cap in hand no more!

Let's start by pointing out to Simon Jenkins that Alex Salmond is NOT "the putative Scottish leader in the commons". (An antidote to Alex Salmond: offer the Scots home rule) The denizens of the London bubble have only convinced themselves otherwise because his name is conveniently familiar. If they actually knew anything about the politics … Continue reading Cap in hand no more!

Vacuous vows and paltry pledges

Gordon Brown: A bag of wind and pishI see Gordon Brown has made another of his interventions (Labour in pledge to go beyond powers of ‘the vow’). It's all lies and deception, of course. There cannot possibly be a "distinct Scottish ­Labour manifesto" for the very simple reason that "Scottish Labour" is not a distinct … Continue reading Vacuous vows and paltry pledges

Independence! Nothing less!

Amusing as it is to watch the LibDems try to portray themselves as the heroes in this situation (Smith Commission: Tories tried to dilute proposals), the fact remains that it matters not at all whether their Tory masters actually delivered on proposals which were themselves an incoherent and inadequate follow-up to a vacuous promise made … Continue reading Independence! Nothing less!

Sacrificing Scotland

David Cameron: British patriotism trumps Scottish patriotismDavid Cameron insists that it is not anti-Scottish to reject independence and vote to stay within the UK. But is that true?Can it be in Scotland's interests to vote against the sovereignty of Scotland's people?Can it be in Scotland's interests to vote against Scotland having the normal constitutional status … Continue reading Sacrificing Scotland

What’s going on with Gordon?

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)For those of us who like to subject the comings and goings of the referendum to the kind of analysis that the British media studiously avoids, Gordon Brown represents something of a problem. There is always this nagging … Continue reading What’s going on with Gordon?