A knotty problem? Or not a problem?

We’re at a point now where procrastination just won’t cut it any more, where tinkering at the edges of single issues that only affect a tiny minority but make certain people look terribly “progressive” in the eyes of an even tinier bubble won’t get us to our destination.And it certainly won’t answer the big questions … Continue reading A knotty problem? Or not a problem?

A pointless currency plan

Rather than "Common Weal campaigners say start new currency on day one of independence", the headline should read "Common Weal wants to postpone independence until 2025!". Because that is the real story here. Scratch the surface of Common Weal's 'radical' currency proposal and you find a stolidly conservative reluctance to rock the constitutional boat. The … Continue reading A pointless currency plan

The only test

While not taking a position either for or against immediate implementation of an independent currency, I am obliged to note a rather obvious flaw in Richard Murphy's criticism of 'sterlingisation' as a transitional option. His analysis appears to assume that the rUK government will invariably follow a path on monetary policy which is detrimental to … Continue reading The only test

What will we wear?

What will we wear? That's the big question facing Scotland's separatist movement. People need to know what clothes they will have after independence. SNP insiders admit that uncertainty about apparel was a significant factor in the humiliating defeat suffered by separatists in 2014. Critics say that failure to address the question of dress was a … Continue reading What will we wear?

Open goal missed

The question over what currency an independent Scotland would use dominated the campaign in the run-up to the 2014 referendum. - The National And that was the problem. It was the wrong question. It was the British state's question. It was posed in order to create a particular narrative. A narrative which followed the pattern … Continue reading Open goal missed

Here we go again!

The very first thing that George Kerevan and others must learn is to distinguish between the movement and the campaign. The things that work for a political movement are not necessarily the things that work for a political campaign. They are very different things. Diversity can be a very good thing for a political movement. … Continue reading Here we go again!

Currency affairs

Patrick Harvie's impish grinThere's a rather curious little piece in the online edition of The Scotsman today. Don't get too excited! It's not an apology for being such a shameless unionist propaganda rag with arguably the worst newspaper website in the world. It's this - Questions raised about alternative currency for Scots.At first glance it … Continue reading Currency affairs