Quirks and charms

Three men in a pub

Previously, I have written about various oddities in the case which saw Craig Murray imprisoned for contempt of court. One such quirk is the very concept of 'jigsaw identification'. This 'offence' occurs when details are published which when combined with other details already in the public domain can lead to the identification of a person … Continue reading Quirks and charms

What is a journalist?

The jailing of Craig Murray hasn't only raised serious questions about Scotland's justice system, it has made vexed the matter of what constitutes journalism and who is entitled to call themselves or be regarded as a practitioner of journalism. The issue of the justice system I leave for another time. And perhaps for another writer. … Continue reading What is a journalist?

Selective prosecution

Three men in a pub

My letter published in The National today. The concept of “jigsaw identification” necessarily implies a number of components. There is no such thing as a one-piece jigsaw puzzle. This being so, if one piece (piece A) constitutes jigsaw identification only in conjunction with at least one other piece (piece B) then it follows as an … Continue reading Selective prosecution