Independence! Because it’s right!

Robin McAlpine's obsession is policy. Mine is independence. He is intent on making a raft of policy choices and decisions. I am intent on restoring to the Scottish Parliament the power to make those choices and decisions. He envisages a referendum campaign in which the voters are told what independent Scotland will look like and … Continue reading Independence! Because it’s right!

Yes boss

Behold! The latest attempt to set up the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) as the 'official' umbrella group for the Yes movement. All credit to Common Weal director Robin MacAlpine for his persistence. Congratulations also go to Max Wiesznewski (formerly of Common Weal), who seems to be in charge of this scheme to impose a management … Continue reading Yes boss

A pointless currency plan

Rather than "Common Weal campaigners say start new currency on day one of independence", the headline should read "Common Weal wants to postpone independence until 2025!". Because that is the real story here. Scratch the surface of Common Weal's 'radical' currency proposal and you find a stolidly conservative reluctance to rock the constitutional boat. The … Continue reading A pointless currency plan

Wake up and smell the petrol!

Craig Dalzell and Common Weal do excellent work. I have no doubt that their paper on a Scottish Statistics Agency (SSA) is a worthwhile addition to an impressive and valuable body of work. But I am focused on the fight to restore Scotland’s independence. And this sort of thing is, at best, no more than … Continue reading Wake up and smell the petrol!