Sending a message

I know my place as part of that mass of 'ordinary' independence campaigners who are regarded with a mix of sneering disdain and smirking condescension by the self-proclaimed elites of the Yes movement. Just as I recognise that, as an 'ordinary' SNP member, my views and concerns and ideas are of no interest to the party managers and leadership. It is not uncommon that those most in need of a bit of street-level wisdom tend to be those least inclined to heed it.

No shortcuts

I suppose we take it for granted that people associated with Scotland’s Yes movement will have more respect for the principles of democracy than British Nationalists. Not that this would be difficult. On a daily basis, British politicians - particularly those squatting in the Scottish Parliament - are at pains to demonstrate their disdain for … Continue reading No shortcuts

Rising to the occasion

Even as the Holyrood election campaign is only gathering pace, we have already heard all manner of nonsense from representatives and supporters of the OPIPs (other pro-independence parties) as they are sent into a feeding frenzy by the almost totally illusory prospect of electoral prizes. Carolyn Leckie is to be congratulated on managing to avoid … Continue reading Rising to the occasion

The voter’s dilemma

"I get why people who are passionate about independence have mostly thrown their energy into the SNP.""The SNP is not the only way to reinforce support for independence."In those two short sentences Carolyn Leckie neatly summarises the curious doublethink affecting a sizeable part of the independence movement. An intellectual appreciation of realpolitik - or, at … Continue reading The voter’s dilemma