It’s all relative

Douglas Lumsden has come up with a wizard wheeze. I say Lumsden has come up with this wizard wheeze, but there's a better than good chance that he didn't. It's likely that the idea first hatched in the mind of some lowly aide or assistant who, lowly as they might be, was still closer to the hierarchy than Douglas Lumsden and therefore able to inveigle their wizard wheeze into the party's decision-making contraption. The wizard wheeze may well have come to Douglas Lumsden in the guise of a boon bestowed from above. A gift Douglas Lumsden knows he can't refuse lest the British patronage spigot be turned off and his career in British politics ended prematurely.

Don’t take me for a fool!

I don't do faith. I cannot switch off that part of my mind that wants to question everything. I will not meekly accept vapid assurances. I require to be persuaded. And what might persuade me is, not vacuous platitudes wrapped in rousing rhetoric, but evidence and rational argument. Wrap that in rousing rhetoric and you're at least treating me with that minimum of respect due to any citizen of Scotland. Or, for that matter, any person of normal intelligence.

Barbara from Wiltshire says!

I'm not sure what is newsworthy about a caller on a BBC programme being abysmally ignorant about and offensively condescending towards Scotland. The broadcasting arm of the British state does precisely what one would expect of it. Barbara from Wiltshire thinks and speaks exactly as one would expect of somebody whose opinions are informed entirely … Continue reading Barbara from Wiltshire says!

The cornered beast

About a month ago I warned that the British political establishment was in the process of ramping up its propaganda campaign against the SNP administration (see below). This wasn't exactly a bold prediction. As all but the most passive consumers of British media output in Scotland will be aware, Project Fear did not stop after … Continue reading The cornered beast


Should Scotland be an independent country?On Thursday 18 September 2014 the people of Scotland will go to the polls to answer the question, "Should Scotland be an independent country?".Fundamental to an adequate appreciation of the debate on Scotland's constitutional future is a thorough understanding of the terms of that debate. Most importantly, we need to … Continue reading Independence