The ugly face of British Nationalism

Yesterday, I received a number of messages drawing my attention to Lord Frost's rant in the Telegraph and asking if I would be commenting on it. I was already aware of the article. It was difficult to avoid given the unfavourable attention it was getting from the independence movement. Given that Yes activists make up … Continue reading The ugly face of British Nationalism

Saving Scotland

"We are not four separate nations…" - Liz Truss The British Prime Minister-in-waiting could hardly be more explicit about the 'One Nation' British Nationalist agenda she intends to pursue. British politicians are now quite openly denying Scotland's existence as a nation. What is true for Scotland also applies to the rest of the periphery. Only … Continue reading Saving Scotland

The future is grim! The future is Tory!

British Labour Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner's remarks about Scotland as reported in The National (Scottish independence 'not very nice' and means 'perpetual' Tory rule) raise some highly relevant and very significant issues. It is unfortunate that she herself seems quite oblivious to this relevance and significance. I see nothing to suggest that she has given … Continue reading The future is grim! The future is Tory!

The British are coming!

Regardless of which rat emerges victorious from the sack of the Tory leadership fight, the next British government will be the most brutally anti-Scottish administration since the military occupation of Scotland after Culloden. They may not come swinging swords and cudgels, but their purpose will be the same as it was then ─ to eradicate … Continue reading The British are coming!

Timeline and gameplan

The timeline for restoring Scotland's independence is not a matter of choice. If bold, decisive action is not taken to initiate an equally bold and decisive process before the next UK general election, we may find ourselves in a situation even more precarious than now. Who can now doubt that the next UK general election … Continue reading Timeline and gameplan

The other UDI

For many years now - since long before the first independence referendum - I have been warning that the ultimate aim of the British state is to lock Scotland into a 'reformed' Union, unilaterally altered and imposed on Scotland without consultation or consent. A Spanish-style constitution which proclaims the UK to be a single nation … Continue reading The other UDI