Read the words!

If I am cynical about British Labour it's for good reason. This is a party of back-stabbers who have no qualms about turning their blades on voters should self-interest demand it. They betrayed Scotland for their precious Union before. They will do so again. They colluded with the Tories in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum … Continue reading Read the words!

Noises off

Even if Article 50 is revoked, there can be no return to the status quo ante. Too much has already happened. Too much damage has already been done by the bewildering madness of dumping all the solutions that the EU has come to provide for no sufficient reason and without either a viable plan or a credible alternative.

The big wolf in little wolf’s clothing

When an anonymous "insider" speaks of "an opportunity to prove that Scottish Labour is not a branch office" what they actually mean is a chance to perpetuate the ancient deceit that 'Scottish' Labour is something more than a branch office. Of all the con tricks played on the people of Scotland by the British establishment this … Continue reading The big wolf in little wolf’s clothing