I’ll march for Scotland’s cause

I hear AUOB is calling for a "emergency" march in Glasgow next Saturday. If I were to attend this event how would I signal which of the things listed as the reasons for the march I'm demonstrating about? I don't give a damn about Boris Johnson. Removing him might allow some shallow-minded people to feel … Continue reading I’ll march for Scotland’s cause

A wolf in wolf’s clothing

I detest Alister Jack. More even than Boris Johnson, Jack epitomises - to my mind at least - all that is vile about British Nationalism in Scotland. Boris is the enemy at the gate. Jack is the worm-tongued agent of that enemy within the walls. There is a certain character type - someone who will … Continue reading A wolf in wolf’s clothing

Deep failure

Everything Joanna Cherry says about British Labour and Sir Keir Starmer is correct. But pointing out the utter uselessness of British Labour and its leader does seem to be stating the obvious. We rather take it for granted now that the supposed main opposition party will offer no meaningful opposition whatever to a regime which … Continue reading Deep failure

They’re all British!

My memory isn't reliable, but I'm fairly sure speculation about the imminent unraveling of Boris Johnson is something that has been a recurring theme in the media ever since he became British Prime Minister. My memory being so unreliable, I had to check, but that dark day was a mere 27 months ago. Is it … Continue reading They’re all British!

Why are the SNP determined to self-harm?

That's a good question. Once we get past the number disagreement - 'SNP' is singular! - it's a very good question. It was asked by Mark Mair on a Facebook thread about the SNP's appointment of Ricky Taylor as party's new complaints officer. The first tranche of complaints this young person will have to deal … Continue reading Why are the SNP determined to self-harm?

Holyrood has to go!

Imperatives, options and constraints. Figure out these three things and you can predict what any political actor is going to do with a very high degree of certainty. The future is not a complete mystery. The present and recent past are littered with clues. Examine those clues as dispassionately as you may and the future … Continue reading Holyrood has to go!