Should I stay or should I go? Even Boris Johnson's legendary capacity for survival is now being put to the test. Assuming government ministers have access to better runes than the rest of us are reading, Boris's days are numbered. At least, we better hope so. Because if he can survive high-level resignations then it is difficult to see what might … Continue reading Should I stay or should I go?

Blurring the picture

Again! The 'recruiting sergeant' myth trotted out with casual disregard for the facts. There is no measurable recruiting sergeant effect. We have gone through a period since the 2014 referendum when those supposed recruiting sergeants for Scotland's cause have been working very hard indeed. Quite remarkably hard, in fact. And what has been the product … Continue reading Blurring the picture

Handicapping women

Personally, I felt that the Mail on Sunday piece about Angela Rayner using her womanly attribute to distract the malignant child clown occupying the role of British Prime Minister was too ludicrous to be taken too seriously. I understand that to the extent that it is symptomatic of entrenched sexism it must be condemned. But … Continue reading Handicapping women

A question of ownership

There's a bit of a tussle going on following the British Conservative & Unionist Party in Scotland (BCUPS) conference as two of their 'big-hitters' vie for the award for the most interesting thing said. Neither of them is Boris Johnson, who I suspect only bothered to turn up at the event because his job requires … Continue reading A question of ownership

Viruses don’t negotiate

Although the general tendency is to think of stupidity as a defect or deficiency in the individual, what we perceive or regard as stupidity is often a matter of different priorities. Priorities that differ from our own or what we take to be the norm. Priorities which we may find quite incomprehensible. Priorities so skewed … Continue reading Viruses don’t negotiate

Against all odds

Daily, we are told that Boris Johnson cannot possibly survive. Daily, he does. That is the major story. That is what needs to be understood. The serial scandal and blunders are newsworthy. But they are not the most interesting thing about the Boris Johnson saga. What is interesting is his survival. Not what has happened … Continue reading Against all odds

Counting beans! Tallying scalps!

Boris Johnson's "just not going to happen" remark looks a little less dramatic when placed back in the context from which it has been ripped in order to spice up the headline. If he'd said this in a different context it might have been possible to regard it as one of those pseudo-blunders which are … Continue reading Counting beans! Tallying scalps!

Distract! Disregard! Delay!

As happens from time to time, Kevin McKenna has hit upon an interesting and possibly important point. Or half of one, at least. Some might say that it takes no uncommon perspicacity to discern that distraction is a strategy much favoured by political actors. But Kevin McKenna does us a service by pointing out the … Continue reading Distract! Disregard! Delay!