A British Nationalist speaks the truth!

Linger a while over the title of this article. You will surely never have seen its like before. You are unlikely ever to see it again, and certainly not outside the confines of the British media. For the most part, such a statement would be regarded as a contradiction in terms. Few combinations of terms … Continue reading A British Nationalist speaks the truth!

The Cybernat Diversion

CyberBrit abuse?Project Fear's tactics are not subtle. It's propaganda techniques are pretty crude. The very phrase, "Better Together" is an example of a propaganda technique known as the "Glittering generality". It is a phrase which has a certain primitive emotional appeal but which is ultimately devoid of content. It doesn't represent anything real or present … Continue reading The Cybernat Diversion

Blind to the obvious

Every once in a while the behaviour of the Better Together mob is so infantile that one just can't help being embarrassed on their behalf. A report in yesterday's Herald was one of those occasions (No campaign pounces over MP's claim on currency union). We all know that Blair McDougall and his maudlin minions are … Continue reading Blind to the obvious

Silencing the proles

It's not difficult to see what is behind the latest inane rant from an increasingly frenzied and incoherent Alistair Darling as he berates unidentified persons for unspecified "online abuse". He is facing crippling, career-ending humiliation over the threat to abolish the currency union and so he is, perhaps understandably, trying to divert attention.It would certainly … Continue reading Silencing the proles

Looking behind the polls

I don't often comment on polls. I find it a bit of a pointless exercise. Such comments as I see on independence referendum-related polling usually fall into two categories. There's the endlessly analytical poring over the minutiae of the data that looks like a hell of a lot of work only to be rendered irrelevant … Continue reading Looking behind the polls