You may want to read this rousing article from George Kerevan. Although the unquestioning acceptance of the British state's veto on our right of self-determination sits rather uncomfortably amidst the generally radical tone. And while the criticism of the SNP and/or Scottish Government is entirely justified it must be borne in mind that the party … Continue reading YesAlba

Grey sludge

The point is that while political movements are good and essential things that drive worthy causes, they tend not to be good at organising stuff. The bigger and more diverse and, ironically, more successful the movement the more difficult it becomes for any sort of order to be imposed on it such as is required to get stuff done. That is where the property of emergent leadership comes in. The necessary organisation emerges from the movement led by one individual or a small group.

Aye Right Radio videocast 197 podcast 257

I was interviewed on Aye Right Radio regarding my article For the sake of Scotland on the matter of the AUOB assembly this Saturday (14 November) with a follow-up meeting next Sunday (22 November). How many more opportunities will we allow to pass us by? Can we all agree that we must #DissolveTheUnion? What can … Continue reading Aye Right Radio videocast 197 podcast 257