The poisoned chalice

Looking at the polling for the SNP leadership election in The National, two thoughts immediately occur to me. The first is that there is clearly no unifying candidate. There is no candidate who, should they win, wouldn't be unpopular with almost as many people as favour them. What that graphic shows is pretty much the … Continue reading The poisoned chalice

Deserve better

Ash Regan "seeking clarification on what specific divisions the audience member meant" was probably the most telling point of the whole 'debate'. When asked a very general question about what they will do to "heal the divisions in Scottish society", a thoughtful person will seek clarification because a thoughtful person will immediately realise that there … Continue reading Deserve better

A failure of scrutiny

There is always a price to pay. Forget that, and the price can get very steep indeed. The SNP leadership and senior management came to consider themselves immune from scrutiny because for several years they were not subject to any meaningful scrutiny. Anyone who suggested more rigorous scrutiny was shouted down as a traitor not … Continue reading A failure of scrutiny

The healing properties of Ash

Tommy Sheridan makes a powerful point, which The National and most commenting on the report seem to have missed. This isn't about him personally joining the SNP if Ash Regan becomes leader. It is about the fact that Ash being leader will make the SNP once again the party of independence and so make it … Continue reading The healing properties of Ash

A question for the candidates

I have a question for all the candidates in the SNP leadership contest. How Kate Forbes, Ash Regan and Humza Yousaf respond to this question will give a clear indication of the strength of their commitment to the restoration of Scotland's independence. I do not, of course, expect any of them to respond directly to … Continue reading A question for the candidates