Just say f*** off!

Clearly, the First Minister's hope of "clarity and legal certainty in a timely manner" has been frustrated by reality. It was always no more than empty rhetoric anyway. An attempt to justify a plainly foolish 'strategy'. The complex permutations described by Andrew Tickell are neither new nor newly discovered. It was always the case that … Continue reading Just say f*** off!

The day after

Funny how things work out sometimes. I was reading Andrew Tickell's superbly scathing analysis of the British political system and its attendant media circus and immediately realised how it complemented something I'd written last the previous evening in response to a purposefully provocative comment from my old friend Mike Fenwick. Responding to my observation that … Continue reading The day after

Sideways as one?

With all the considerable respect that is due to Andrew Tickell, I will make so bold as to suggest that while he brings a legal mind to bear on this matter, I bring a certain capacity for analytical thinking on the political ramifications rather than the strictly legal ones. I would venture to put this perspective 'out there' for consideration.

Shaping the campaign

The 2014 referendum campaign was entirely shaped by this questioning of independence. It was the condition of independence that was being challenged, despite this being the 'natural' condition of nations. The question was inappropriate and it shaped the campaign in a way that favoured the anti-independence side by forcing the Yes campaign onto the defensive.

Considering consequences

Assuming, as we must, that Pete Wishart is not entirely delighted at having been appointed poster-boy for the uglier fringes of anti-democratic ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism, he will doubtless be glad of the succour offered by Andrew Tickell. The veteran SNP MP will surely be aware that there’s precious little support for his call to … Continue reading Considering consequences