All pain and no gain!

Alyn Smith MP would have to talk a huge amount of sense about the constitutional issue to get his credibility account back in the black after his oft-repeated inanity about Scotland never having been closer to independence. His column in The National today doesn't even make a dent in his overdraft. Admittedly, he is not … Continue reading All pain and no gain!

Telling it like it isn’t

Not for the first time, Alyn Smith gets it horribly wrong. It is, he portentously informs us, "a choice of two unions – Brexit Britain or Independence in Europe". There are two very obvious problems with this. Firstly, that choice depends not only on the fact of a referendum but on the form that it … Continue reading Telling it like it isn’t

Don’t read this! Read that!

No great political sophistication is required to intuit that when a politician says we should be looking at this thing it's because they don't want us looking at that thing. Everybody knows that when a politician insists on answering what they refer to as the 'real' question rather than the question they've been asked it's … Continue reading Don’t read this! Read that!

That was not the question!

I'd be perfectly content to get behind Nicola Sturgeon if I had reason to believe she was leading us where I want to go. I have great uncertainty about where she is leading the country. I have grave misgivings about where she has led the party. And I have strong objections to being told my questions have been answered when none has even been acknowledged.

To the edge of the world

Detail from 'The Edge of the World' by John Howe

Nothing changes unless lines are crossed. The comfortable and complacent sit on their side of the line condemning as dangerous and heretical reformers who dare to cross the line in search of new and better. Lines must be crossed if there is to be even the possibility of change. In every area of human endeavour … Continue reading To the edge of the world

Never mind the journey! Look at the destination!

It isn't difficult to understand why Alyn Smith is so anxious to steer discussion away from independence and the process by which it will be restored to Scotland. It's easy to see why he wants to talk about the conjectural policies of a hypothetical SNP administration in an imagined future rather than the process by … Continue reading Never mind the journey! Look at the destination!