That ‘special’ sovereignty

If Neale Hanvey thinks that demanding a Section 30 order is a way to "assert Scotland’s right to determine its own future" then I can only say that he urgently needs to revise his thinking. He needs to have a serious talk with somebody about sovereignty and what it means. How the hell is asking … Continue reading That ‘special’ sovereignty

Glittering generalities an unasked questions

In the party-political discourse around Scotland's constitutional issue, what passes for variety is the difference between the disappointments that are anticipated and those which come as something of a surprise to even the most cynical among us. As an example of the latter category, we might look to Murdo Fraser's reaction to the Pope's suggestion … Continue reading Glittering generalities an unasked questions

The anticipated anti-climax

To give credit where is is due, The National does seem to have developed a knack for producing headlines which give me a wee adrenaline hit. Most commonly, it must be said, this momentary surge of agitation is occasioned by some grievous abuse of language. But every once in a while there is a headline … Continue reading The anticipated anti-climax

A true independence party?

Reading The Sunday National's preview of Alex Salmond's address to the Alba Party conference, one two-word phrase leapt out at me ─ "agreed referendum". Ominous words indeed to anybody who adheres to the principle of popular sovereignty. Because what that little phrase actually refers to is a Section 30 referendum. Which is to say, a … Continue reading A true independence party?

Who will lead us?

George Kerevan rightly points out that "a strategy that relies on gentle persuasion and infinite patience is not going to work with the Johnson clique". It is certain that there is no route to the restoration of Scotland's independence which does not pass through a point at which there is direct and acrimonious confrontation with … Continue reading Who will lead us?


We now focus our full energies on developing the independence case in anticipation of the referendum vowed next year.Alex Salmond This is precisely what the SNP is doing. And what the Scottish Green Party is doing. And what the Independence for Scotland party is doing. And what countless other pro-independence parties and organisations and groups … Continue reading WE WILL LOSE!

Advantage and how to waste it

Big changes are only hope of survival for Alex Salmond's Alba party George Kerevan It was ever thus, George. It was ever thus. Alba Party was doomed from the outset. It was never going to amount to so much as the merest shadow of what the party's members had convinced themselves it could be. But … Continue reading Advantage and how to waste it

Immediately eventually

On the constitutional issue, there are two statements in the Alba Party local election manifesto. There is the claim that "Only ALBA is prioritising Independence in this Election". I suspect the First Minister would dispute this. Once again, Nicola Sturgeon is making all the by now mind-numbingly familiar noises about independence and a new referendum. … Continue reading Immediately eventually

You’ve been conned!

Nicola Sturgeon is careful these days to avoid explicit mention of the Section 30 process. It would be surprising if she was unaware of the growing opposition to inviting the British state to interfere in Scotland's exercise of Scotland's right of self-determination. But other than not using the actual words the rest of her language … Continue reading You’ve been conned!