Feeding the crocodile!

I can honestly say that I have never seen a better example of righteous radical posturing. The pontificating latte-sippers of the Scottish left have ever been adept at putting a veil of saintly reasonableness over craven retreat. They're well practiced in applying a varnish of sensibleness to the turd of abject surrender. They've always been … Continue reading Feeding the crocodile!

Faceless forces

When you encounter people who denigrate and deride The National, try rattling off a list of the columnists who write for the paper ─ Stuart Cosgrove, David Pratt, Kirsty Strickland, Joanna Cherry, Andrew Tickell, Ruth Wishart, Lesley Riddoch and the rest. My guess is that you'll draw blank stares at most of the names you … Continue reading Faceless forces

The price of pandering

I discovered today that the SNP has suspended the membership of my old friend and former conference buddy, Chris McCusker. I might have known about this earlier but for the fact that I would rather grit-blast my eyeballs than read the British Daily Express. (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN NUTS) To save you the pain, I can … Continue reading The price of pandering

The good the bad and the numpty

Two stories in The National today got me thinking about attitudes to Nicola Sturgeon ─ how she is perceived and presented and how people feel about her. One is the report that Unionists are fuming. How come that gets to be news, I hear you ask. Well, more specifically the more or less constant state … Continue reading The good the bad and the numpty

Do we need a new Yes Scotland?

If you are considering the matter of how the Yes campaign in a new independence referendum should be managed, I wouldn't bother reading the article in today's Sunday National which purports to address that very question. If, however, you're wondering what a desert of imagination looks like then the responses to the question from "senior … Continue reading Do we need a new Yes Scotland?

The ugly face of British Nationalism

Yesterday, I received a number of messages drawing my attention to Lord Frost's rant in the Telegraph and asking if I would be commenting on it. I was already aware of the article. It was difficult to avoid given the unfavourable attention it was getting from the independence movement. Given that Yes activists make up … Continue reading The ugly face of British Nationalism