Information is not enough

Mike Russell does a fine job of setting out the choice facing the people of Scotland. He is rather stating the obvious when he observes that "the UK political and media establishment, dripping with privilege and disdainful of democracy, will try to stop us making that choice, using all their malign tricks and lies". Which … Continue reading Information is not enough

Looking at the options

We frequently see it claimed that a Section 30 order is merely an agreement that Westminster will respect the result of the vote. We also see it asserted that there are viable options other than the Section 30 process. What I have termed 'cunning plans'. The most commonly cited of these cunning plans are Dissolve … Continue reading Looking at the options

Where’s the substance?

Yet again Sturgeon is long on "bullish" rhetoric but damnably short of substance (Indyref2 WILL be held with or without Section 30 order, Nicola Sturgeon pledges). What is stopping her from telling us now what she intends to do if a Section 30 order is refused? How will she guarantee a referendum which stands as … Continue reading Where’s the substance?

Not proven

The comparator countries have been selected because they have higher GDP capita than UK – that’s why (for example) Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic are not included. Why not ask; what does Scotland have that these countries do not? Answer: an SNP government focused on grievance and division.(I guess this is why they don’t … Continue reading Not proven

The wrong mindset

Stu Campbell has just published an article on Wings Over Scotland which despite the obvious anger and bitterness makes a very salient point about the vacuum in the SNP leadership where strategic thinking should be. I felt obliged to respond to the effect that Wings Over Scotland wasn't alone in warning of the British state's … Continue reading The wrong mindset

Who will lead us?

George Kerevan rightly points out that "a strategy that relies on gentle persuasion and infinite patience is not going to work with the Johnson clique". It is certain that there is no route to the restoration of Scotland's independence which does not pass through a point at which there is direct and acrimonious confrontation with … Continue reading Who will lead us?

Good sense prevails

The Sunday National today presents its "exclusive analysis" under the headline Scotland's councils: The gender balance of each local authority. But how can that be? If gender is malleable how can there possibly be "gender balance"? Sex balance is achievable. Because sex is binary and immutable. There are two sexes so, to state the obvious, … Continue reading Good sense prevails

Seeking the magic message

According to the headline in The National today Nicola Sturgeon is about to deliver a "blueprint for independence". I can absolutely guarantee that she won't. Because no such thing exists. Neither can it exist. Doubtless, we'll be graced with something. It just won't be a "blueprint for independence". We have grown accustomed over the last … Continue reading Seeking the magic message

Blurring the picture

Again! The 'recruiting sergeant' myth trotted out with casual disregard for the facts. There is no measurable recruiting sergeant effect. We have gone through a period since the 2014 referendum when those supposed recruiting sergeants for Scotland's cause have been working very hard indeed. Quite remarkably hard, in fact. And what has been the product … Continue reading Blurring the picture

There is no ‘Great Secret Plan’

As I have explained countless times for the benefit of the politically naive, there cannot be a secret plan. For such a thing to be possible Nicola Sturgeon would need to have a near-infinite number of options some of which only she can identify. That's not how it is in the real world. In the … Continue reading There is no ‘Great Secret Plan’