The judgement and what matters more

The choice in a new independence referendum should be much bigger than in 2014, as Sir John Curtice puts it. But we are not being offered a choice. The referendum as proposed asks only for a preference on the basis that the expressed preference doesn't actually change anything. In 2014, we went into the referendum … Continue reading The judgement and what matters more

Just say f*** off!

Clearly, the First Minister's hope of "clarity and legal certainty in a timely manner" has been frustrated by reality. It was always no more than empty rhetoric anyway. An attempt to justify a plainly foolish 'strategy'. The complex permutations described by Andrew Tickell are neither new nor newly discovered. It was always the case that … Continue reading Just say f*** off!

Political aspiration versus partisan interest

In response to Stan Grodynski's long letter in the Sunday National, I would like to point out that while I cannot speak for Kenny MacAskill or Kevin McKenna, my "political aspirations for Scotland" are ending the injustice of the Union and restoring Scotland's independence. Perhaps Mr Grodynski would care to explain why he wants me … Continue reading Political aspiration versus partisan interest


I am honoured to have been asked to speak at the All Under One Banner (AUOB) rally outside the BBC's Glasgow headquarters on Saturday 26 November. I have accepted that invitation. Some may suppose this hypocritical given my comments regarding other such rallies being held to coincide with publication of the UK Supreme Court's judgement … Continue reading BE AWARE! BE ANGRY! BE ACTIVE!


It is almost physically painful to hear the SNP bleating about the consequences of Brexit (UK accused of 'outrageous power grab' as experts sound alarm over EU law bill) when it was the choice of that party's leadership to let Scotland suffer those consequences. They promised that they would not let Scotland be dragged out … Continue reading Outrageous!

Average Person Awareness Day

Apparently, there is both a Transgender Awareness Week and a Transgender Awareness Month. Although, as far as I can make out, these overlap. Transgender Awareness Week falls within Transgender Awareness Month. Presumably, we are expected to be doubly aware of transgender for those seven days. Quite how it might be possible to remain unaware of … Continue reading Average Person Awareness Day

If you want it broken, break it!

I don't know this David Clark. He may be every bit the foreign affairs expert John Drummond says he is. But I still need to pull him up on a couple of points. The reason federalism is a "non-starter" is even more "simple and straightforward" than Mr Clark suggests. A federal settlement acceptable to the … Continue reading If you want it broken, break it!

Information without inspiration is insipid

So, Believe in Scotland has been "the engine of the grassroots Scottish independence campaign" for nearly four years. During which time the polls flatlined. For a group whose stated goal is to "goal is to shift independence polls", that's not much or a record on which to base yet another dip into the pockets of … Continue reading Information without inspiration is insipid

Sort yourselves out!

You were warned! (UK could bypass Scottish Parliament in devolved areas, MSPs warn) Even before the first referendum it was obvious that the British establishment considered devolution to be an experiment which has not just failed but seriously backfired. There was already considerable opposition to tis experiment when it was first embarked upon in an … Continue reading Sort yourselves out!