Acts of rebellion

Downing Street. Carnaby Street. Cable Street. All streets famous for one reason or another. And now there's a new addition to that list - Kenmure Street. Just as Downing Street is a metonym for executive power in the British state. Just as Carnaby Street is synonymous with 1960s fashion. Just as Cable Street is famed … Continue reading Acts of rebellion

‘Twas brillig, and the slithy Gove…

This morning online, Westminster journalists are making it *pretty* clear that anything less than an SNP majority will not be seen as a mandate for indyref2The National Election Live Blog We always knew this. Or should I say, this was always knowable. If somebody didn't know it, this could only be because they had only … Continue reading ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy Gove…

All under one banner?

If the Yes movement is to march march under one banner it must be a banner that everybody is prepared to march under. It must be a banner which concisely expresses our common cause. It must be a banner which purposefully excludes all subsidiary causes. Causes which, forgivably in most cases, seek to hitch a ride on the cause of restoring Scotland's independence and in doing so hamper and hinder that cause.

Conscience and calculation

The SNP has no intention of moving to resolve the constitutional issue with the urgency which Salmond at least recognises. But the notion that Alba will be in any position to force the pace is fantastical. There almost certainly won't be a supermajority and there definitely won't be a supermajority that works the way Alba claims it will. The reality is that regardless of how many seats Alba Party wins it will have no leverage over an SNP/SG Scottish Government. Absolutely none.

The observations of Mr Buzzkill

I try not to grudge Alba Party supporters the excitement they feel. But I do resent their tendency to castigate as trolls, Tories and traitors anyone who doesn't share that feeling. The adrenaline jolt of political battle is harmless so long as it doesn't come at significant cost to rationality. For all too many Alba Party supporters that cost has evidently been very significant indeed.