Worst ‘Keeper’ EVER!

Throughout history, or at least since the arrival of photography, there have been images which haunt politicians forever. Theresa May stick-dancing to Abba at the Tory party conference. George Galloway with Saddam Hussein (that’s a twofor!) or Ed Miliband masticating a bacon sandwich, all come to mind. The image that promises to linger like a bad smell in the vicinity of Humza Yousaf is the one showing him in his role as Keeper of the Great Seal Of Scotland very much not keeping the Stone of Destiny.

This, you may recall, is the man who in his ultimately successful campaign to become leader of the SNP and First Minister, promised also to be the ‘First Activist’ for Scotland’s cause. What he didn’t tell us was that among his first actions as ‘First Activist’ would be actively compromising the sovereignty of Scotland’s people by actively conceding the British state’s asserted veto over our right of delf-determination and actively standing idly by as the symbol of Scotland’s sovereignty was removed to England.

If a picture says a thousand words, none of the words that picture says are at all flattering to the man charged with defending Scotland’s democracy. Most of them are unprintable.

Perhaps most shocking of all is the fact that the First Minister of Scotland is so lacking in self-awareness as to be apparently oblivious to the ‘optics’ of him standing to the side as the Stone of Destiny was taken, in a way that somehow managed to emphasise his pusillanimous subservience to the British state. To allow the taking of the Stone was bad enough. To participate in the ceremonial thievery seemingly under the impression that doing so brought honour to him is nothing short of political insanity.

Nobody looking at this image can possibly imagine that this is the man who will restore Scotland’s independence,

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7 thoughts on “Worst ‘Keeper’ EVER!

  1. Still they try to spin, he has to attend the coronation to represent all Scots. NO he doesn’t! The majority of Scots are opposed to this costly pompous ceremony and to having a King.
    He could send a substitute, heaven knows there are plenty of SNP politicians attending!
    As First Activist, he could have chosen to “kickstart” the Indy campaign at the AUOB march in Glasgow. However, SNP politicians are scurrying around trying to get invites to any event that’s not in Glasgow.
    So much for cooperation with the wider YES movement. Falls at the first hurdle!

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  2. As “keeper” he could have specified no ceremony – simply that the thing be bundled into a van by a couple of guys in overalls (with receipt demanded). Preferably behind closed doors.

    But no he went along with the flummery.

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  3. Perhaps Humza has heard that the stone retrieved in 1950 is hidden in the basement of a pub in the West End of Glasgow?

    It is said that a replica was made and returned to Westminster Abbey.


    1. “ It is said that a replica was made and returned to Westminster Abbey.”

      If the late Queen was coronated on a fake Lia Fàil, does that render her reign illegitimate?

      Consequently, will Tampon Charlie’s upcoming ceremony be likewise ineffective ?


  4. I thought Humza was quite ridiculous standing beside that stupid stone.
    I wrote a poem back when they brought it to Edinburgh in 1996, “The Rock Of Stone.” Basically a satire of it.
    Tho I was amused Alex Salmond said the First Minister shouldn’t have allowed the thing to go back to London.
    He must surely know Scotland has no say over it.
    Yet, the least Humza could have done, was simply not be there at the event in Edinburgh.
    And he could have boycotted the Coronation, citing Sunak’s refusal to give him his Referendum, or any other insult London has thrown his way of late.
    But no, off he goes there to Ed Castle, and humiliates himself, and Scotland too!

    However, another act of subservience by Scotland to England and of truly appalling proportions has been little commented upon, and I’d love to know why.
    SFA has postponed the Scottish Cup game between Celtic and Inverness Thistle at Hampden, June 3rd, ’till after the English game in London.
    So, instead of the usual 15:00 start, it is now to begin at 17:30.
    Why the hell is that being tolerated?
    So because a big game is on at same time in England, the same affair in Scotland has to be changed. How insulting is that!?!
    I don’t recall that ever happening before. And if the game time in Scotland is to be changed, why not have it at earlier, as routinely happens here.
    The semi finals were both played at 13:30.

    It doesn’t matter the inconvenience to supporters or to teams and Inverness folks traveling down to Glasgow, and then having to get back up there at what will be a very late time. Or to the Police either, for that matter.
    What matters to the Scottish Football Association is not upsetting the schedule for a game in a foreign country
    Even those who couldn’t care less about sport, should be angered by what is an astonishing decision by a Scottish sporting group.
    And in this case what makes it all the worse, is that no one actually asked for this to happen, but SFA of their own accord, decided upon it. Totally ignoring the teams and supporters, who opposed the move.

    Clearly Humza Yousaf isn’t the only dude who loves Scotland to be humiliated!

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