So the idiocy continues. The SNP membership seems to have found the right man for that job.

There have been many attempts to explain the ‘real reason’ for Nicola Sturgeon’s rather precipitate departure from the offices which hitherto she seemed intent on clinging to forever. Most of these explanations are shallow, simplistic and fall into the category of conspiracy theories that are improved by being assiduously ignored. According to some, everything untoward that befalls the SNP is the work of a Unionist conspiracy which, if even half the conspiracy theories are even half true, must be truly vast in scale. Massive enough to put an intolerable strain on even the far from inconsiderable plotting and conniving resources of the British state.

To be fair, we should perhaps have some sympathy for these conspiracy theorists. To the casual observer, it must surely look as if the SNP is the victim of some malign scheme orchestrated by an evil genius from her secret lair deep beneath the Ochil Hills. Such has been the weapons-grade ineptitude of the party’s leadership and senior management. But schemes of this kind rarely exist outside the realm of a major movie franchise. In real life, idiots can bugger things up very nicely thank you without the aid of any super-villain. Evil geniuses have gone the way of the lamplighter and the knocker-upper. There just isn’t the work for them these days. They have been replaced by professional politicians and business managers promoted more on the basis of an aptitude for concealing and shifting blame for problems than for any ability to prevent or solve them.

The ‘real reason’ for Sturgeon’s hasty exit is probably complex and multi-faceted. She might not even be able to fully explain it herself. Her political instincts were screaming at her to get the hell out of it pronto. So she did. But we can say with some confidence that one part of that complex of reasons was that she relished the prospect of challenging the British state’s Section 35 blocking of her Gender Recognition Reform Bill almost as much as she relished telling her wokist clique that she was going to pass on that one.

Not for the first time, Sturgeon’s remarkable lack of strategic thinking had left her painted into a corner. It was time to hand the paintbrush to someone who was just as willing to pander to the gender cult but stupid enough to rush into an unwinnable fight with the British state in the hope that they might present their inevitable humiliation as victimhood and win sympathy rather than contempt. The bonus being that this losing battle could be portrayed as a defence of Scotland’s honour rather than a defence of the science-denying lunacy of effectively abolishing sex as a defining characteristic of human being and with it all the hard-won sex-based rights which, as the name implies, depend for their functionality on sex being recognised as binary and immutable.

If you’re looking for stupid in the ranks of Scotland’s political elite then you’re kinda spoilt for choice. It get’s a bit easier if you are limited to the SNP, thus ruling out the more obvious choices such as Murdo Fraser. Humza Yousaf may not even be in the same league as the mighty Murdo when it comes to the daftness, but he’s young, personable, brown and just daft enough to want the job. So he’s your man! One farcical internal election later, he’s your First Minister!

Almost the first thing that Yousaf does as FM is declare his intention to fight the British state in the courts over its Section 35 affront to democracy. And let us be in no doubt that blocking a Bill passed almost unanimously by the democratically legitimate Scottish Parliament is an affront to democracy. It remains so even if the legislation being blocked is itself an affront to democracy. If your brow just furrowed itself and your face contorted in an exaggerated expression of perplexity, please don’t be alarmed. Your are almost certainly not having a stroke. This is the perfectly natural reaction when confronted with the surreal nonsensicality of the situation. You are bound to wonder just how we got into a situation where the First Minister of Scotland, for fear of a relatively tiny clique within his own party, finds it politic to launch a legal challenge that he cannot win for the purpose of reviving legislation that a substantial majority of Scotland’s people were happy to see dead even if they were deeply offended by the way it was killed.

This ludicrous situation is just part of the planet-sized clusterfuck Sturgeon bequeathed to her successor. The SNP membership seems to have found in Humza Yousaf the man who will continue her bungling, blundering legacy.

The idiocy continues.

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17 thoughts on “Continuity

  1. If a few troughers get the jile, and the fantasy biology mob gets booed off stage, it gives Yes a chance to revivify itself. And if this time they can be persuaded to stick the Che berets, the CND badges and the keffiyehs up the loft along with the uni scarf, they might even persuade some folk to vote for them, beside themselves and their mates.
    What is it with Yes and it’s fatal attraction to Haringey policies and Scandinavian pipe dreams? We need to shelve this crap about “live as if you’re in the early days of a new nation” and show that we are capable of the hard work of administration and governance. There’s enough challenges in simply running things competently; Yes needs to address the democratic deficit of Thames Rule, but otherwise demonstrate that it deserves the vote as the party of government.

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  2. Does your dismissing of conspiracy cases include theories where the money is followed? Sometimes , when politicians are making massive own goals on themselves , there are unseen actors who will be benefiting greatly from the new legislation. The initial promises and donations are small and don’t seem important at the time but as time passes and new complications appear they can turn into elephant traps for the naive politician. Promises have been made and deals made and that have to be adhered to , hard to see who benefits from the GRR fiasco but easy to see with the DRS which is coming down the line. Now that really will get the natives stirred.


    1. You may not be familiar with the theory of conspiracy as an emergent property of organisations. Briefly, this states that all that is required for the appearance of conspiracy to emerge is that there should be a sufficient number of people; with a sufficient amount of influence; and a sufficient commonality of interest.


  3. “… hard to see who benefits from the GRR fiasco… ”

    Try the American billionaires in the massive pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex, in technology and prosthetics, all of whom have been traced by very reputable journalists in both The US and Canada. No conspiracy theory. Fact. I could name them if I had all the names handy, but the Pritzkers is one ultra rich family involved, but there are many others. Our politicians, like politicians everywhere this stuff has pitched up, which is in every Western country and moving outwards, are immersed in globalism, corporatism, unrestricted capitalism.

    The foot soldiers of the ‘trans’ lobby, many of who claim to be ‘trans’ themselves are, in fact, in many cases today, extreme porn addicts and fetishists, and this can also be proved by sexual psychologists such as John Uhler who has done extensive studies of convicted sex offenders. The day of the fully ‘transitioned’ transsexuals, who posed no physical threat to women, if still a psychological one, is over, to be replaced by the day of the porn-addled and the ‘Trans women are women’ mantra. It is about the males, always, the silly lassies and children being a smokescreen for the sexual deviance that exists in this dangerous, cultural Marxist movement/Queer Theory movement.

    Humza is playing theNationalist-Unionist card here, by making GRRB all about the British State being culpable of colonial oppression. In this instance, it is simply not true. The UKG brought in S35 because it was well aware that it, too, would fall to this madness if Holyrood was not stopped. Ah, they say, but a large majority of Holyrood voted for this. Well, we can deduce from that, that a large majority of Holyrood are craven cowards or quite addled in the old top broom cupboard, or both. I rather think both, don’t you? So cowardly and so stupid that they should not be allowed out without an accompanying adult, so quite unfit to rule or to even be elected.

    He is playing to the gallery on this, except that the law is very clear, and about to become clearer as Sunak jiggles the 2010 Equality Act to emphasise biological sex as the protected category, alongside gender reassignment as opposed to gender identity/ideology. If the UKG does not bring that in, this issue will destroy the UK, and Scotland with it, so independence will be worth about as much as a counterfeit half-penny, if the SNP/Greens ever bring it in, which is yet another con, but it plays well with the faithful. If people would just get their heads round the fact that it is, and always was, under Sturgeon, independence that was the distraction, and GRR the core policy. Her every effort to suck up to the Americans at every opportunity should have made that plain.

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  4. As predicted Humza Yousaf is now ‘standing up for Devolution’.

    It’s a pity (for him) that he’s standing on quicksand. The legal challenge will fail – Alister Jack has said that the British Government will make a ‘robust’ defence of the S35 application. Even if the sillier bits of the GRRB were changed now Jack smells blood and the opportunity to further humiliate what’s left of Scotland’s democracy and to highlight the ineptitude of the Scottish ‘Government’.

    The other trouble with defending devolution is that the latter is dead. It has shuffled off into the anals of history, is an ex-thing, it has snuffed it. In truth it probably died on 19th September 2014 when David Cameron announced his EVEL plan but the coup de grâce was surely administered when the Internal Market Bill was passed at Westminster and the Continuity Bill at Holyrood was struck down by the British Government.

    Worse, it’s going to take a long time and cost a fortunate. Roddy Dunlop, the Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, reckons that if the process takes 18 months from start to finish that will be going at “breakneck pace and in all likelihood would take “years”. There are obviously going to be sky-high (taxpayer funded) legal costs associated with this. It surely goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that this will be a major distraction for Scotland’s Cause.

    So just who is Humza Yousaf representing? That might be the 20% of Scottish people that a (Panelbase) opinion poll out this week who reckon that he should proceed with challenging Westminster on this issue. That is around about the same proportion that a number of surveys over the last couple of years indicated that they support the most controversial i.e. idiotic and dangerous component of the bill, namely the self-identification of sex/gender

    Even within his own party he probably represents the 13.5% of the membership i.e. the proportion who voted exclusively for him as 1st preference and did not mark Kate Forbes or Ash Regan as their next choice for SNP leader (with the latter two individuals having indicated that they are against the GRRB as presently constituted).

    In a grotesque distortion of the Raymond Shaw character from Richard Condon’s classic 1959 novel the person who advocates this madness is our very own GRRB Candidate, only with less intelligence.

    Ladies (shes) and Gentlemen, she-males and he-males I give you:

    Humza Yousaf, First Minion of Scotland.

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  5. If Westminster had blocked just about any other bill I would be up in arms along with our own MSPs here in Scotland, but even the Scottish public don’t want this unamended bill, so our MSPs are defying the will of the people of Scotland, and they are willing to spend an undisclosed amount of our hard earned taxes on fighting the S35, when the money could be used for something that the people of Scotland DO want.

    The SNP had absolutely no problem with sending to the UKSC the bill on whether or not the Scottish parliament had the competency to proceed with an indyref, our very own Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain, not only embarrassed and damaged her reputation by kowtowing to the 2009 construct the UKSC, she also brought shame on Scotland by her utter capitulation.

    Now you won’t ever see the SNP and the other MSPs who voted for the unamended GRRB send to the UKSC the bill to see if the Scottish parliament has the competency to enforce their unamended GRRB.

    Apparently to the majority of MSPs in Scotland getting men dressed as women into women and children safe spaces, is far more important and worth wasting X amounts of of taxpayers cash on, than obtaining Scottish independence which would be the first step in forging a better more fairer Scotland for all who live here.

    Humza Yousaf’s tenure as FM will be a disastrous one, he was hopeless as Transport, Justice and Health secretaries, his strings are being pulled from behind the curtain by the hand of a Cardinal Richelieu like figure, ( We can guess who it is) and he has appointed cronies to cabinet posts, I see nothing changing for the better in the SNP anytime soon.

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    1. Will Dorothy Bain risk further humiliation by representing the SNP Government on this doomed judicial review, or will she leave it to outside counsel, or will she resign?
      If she is not fronting this, we will know what she thinks of he prospects of success.

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      1. Ding Dong.

        I’m more angry that the SNP MSPs and other party MSPs have forced me to choose the side of Westminster on this one, I never thought I’d see the day, but protecting our women and children is a moral obligation that cannot be shirked.

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        1. Republic,

          Absolutely right. Although I think the SNP is playing games with their judicial review. They hope that when they lose that will strengthen the case for independence because of increased anger against Westmonster. That is of course total delusion, but the fact that they are prepared to gamble with the rights and safety of women and chidren in this way reveals the abject depths to which they have sunk and their unfitness to govern.

          Like you I feel scunnered about the position the SNP have put me in. But I would rather vote Tory (aaargh) if it meant an end to this trans stupidity, and I know many people who (just as reluctantly) feel the same way.

          The moral obligation to protect women and children must come first.

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  6. Spot on, Republic. We have not seen anything like the brainwashing here for over 400 years, and the end of the witch trials. Hysteria is playing a part as it did then, but I don’t think this is in any way analogous with religious mania: within religions, there have always the heretics and the persons of reason. This guff rots the brain and deposits the residue below the waist – at least, in the case of most of the porn-addled men; the young females and children are mostly deluded or have fallen prey to a social contagion. Self-ID might not lead to hordes of violent predators accessing female spaces, sports, opportunities, etc., but it will lead to fetishistic men, with some pretty sickening proclivities, living out their sexual fantasies in female spaces, etc., without permission or consent. Is that any less odious? Do husbands and fathers want their female relatives to be subjected to non-consensual fetishistic behaviours, once called perversions? Most of it is disgusting to most females and will surely drive them out of their enforced shared spaces with these porn-sick men if self-ID comes in with the GRRB?

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    1. Lorncal.

      Cutting through all the bluff from the MSPs and the trans groups that are pushing the agenda at Holyrood, trans folk have exactly the same human rights as we do, so when I see the signs trans right s are human rights, I wonder what rights they ae not getting.

      All that springs to mind is that they are fuming because they want men (with intact gentitalia) to be allowed into women and girls safe spaces

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  7. In yesterdays news we see that
    “Michael Russell replaced as interim SNP chief executive”

    “The SNP president will be temporarily replaced in the role during the recruitment process by Sue Ruddick, who had been the party’s chief operating officer.

    Amid a mini-reshuffle at SNP HQ, Julie Hepburn has been given the role of head of strategic delivery. This will see her “provide additional support on party structures and operations”.

    A former candidate for SNP depute leader, Hepburn is married to the Scottish Government’s new Minister for Independence, Jamie Hepburn. ”

    A quick search attempt to find out a little more about these two little-known women
    finds this:

    “The resource drain
    Posted on October 05, 2020 by Rev. Stuart Campbell”

    “SNP staff dispute over Salmond ‘physical aggression’ claim
    Following a statement from Sue Ruddick, another party member responded with her version of events.”

    “Julie Hepburn becomes surprise contender in SNP depute race
    17th February 2018”

    which article also happens have a substantial comment by one Peter A Bell!

    Which is from this artcile:

    “This time it’s urgent!
    Feb 17, 2018 ~ Peter A Bell”

    Here we are more than 5 years later.
    The SNP and Scotlands Cause have gone backwards.

    One can see no likelyhood of fresh thinking, urgency or new talent being allowed to enter there. The very opposite in fact.

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  8. It is almost wholly sex and porn driven, Republic. Sexual Psychologist, John Uhler (and others) know, from their research, that these men have fetishes, some of which would turn stomachs. They get very angry when they are challenged on the rights they already have. Basically, they are saying that their right to deviant sex and perversions is a human right and it outweighs and overrides everyone else’s human right to consent. That boils it down to what it is, in its very essence. You really need to be a top-end narcissist to believe this stuff, or someone with a mental health issue. It is quite deranged. Of course, they will never admit that this is what it is all about.


  9. O/T Peter but interesting I think.

    “There’s more trouble in Scotland’s nationalist paradise. A storm is brewing amongst members of the SNP’s innermost ruling group as it is revealed that party secrets have been kept from its very own National Executive Committee. The resignation of the party’s auditors, details on finances and the exodus of party members all came as much as a surprise to the party’s ruling group as they had to the rest of the nation.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Fresh allegations have sprung from a source deep within the party: an NEC whistleblower described how a group of senior figures including ‘power couple’ Sturgeon and Murrell demanded that the NEC be ‘disbanded’ in order to launch an inquiry meant to save the party from electoral disaster. The anonymous source didn’t hold back, saying that the party has become ‘rotten to the core’.

    And now, a member of the SNP’s NEC has threatened to quit if the party does not hire forensic auditors to assess its finances. The threat, which comes from Bill Ramsay, the convenor of the SNP Trade Union Group, comes amid an escalating row over the SNP’s lack of transparency, and an ongoing police investigation into the party’s funds.

    Ramsay said:

    In June last year, I was making calls for more transparency. Indeed, I forced a vote to ensure that members of the NEC could see how other members were voting. My call for a full-day NEC meeting to address the way the party is run is still being resisted, it seems. This, and talk of a review, is not taking the need for urgent change nearly seriously enough. If the call to appoint forensic auditors is not moved forward, I will have to seriously consider whether I can continue on in the NEC.”


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