Death to truth!

Kevin McKenna has done two things with his column in The National today. He has given a depressingly accurate analysis of the SNP’s present dire condition and how it came to be in such a mess. And he has drawn out comments which demonstrate just how deluded the party’s apologists are. Their ‘argument’ might be summarised as follows.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with the SNP and if there is it’s all the fault of covert ‘Yoons’ and those mad bloggers and Alba and Alex Salmond and the media and the Lizard People and nobody should be talking about the problems which the party doesn’t have really because it’s the SNP and my party right or wrong.”

If the power of their denial could be harnessed it would heat thousands of homes. Although it could hardly be called ‘clean energy’, given how it pollutes political discourse.

Meanwhile, the list of things we’re not supposed to list grows daily. Don’t talk about the massive drop in membership. Don’t talk about the eight years of the independence campaign abandoned in favour of idiotic efforts to overturn the Brexit UK-wide vote and insane social engineering projects and anything that might enhance Nicola Sturgeon’s ability to command a hefty price for her name on a letterhead.

The theory seems to be that if we don’t mention these things they won’t be a problem. Blame for the problem is thus shifted from those who are in charge to those who observe those in charge.

Kevin McKenna observes. What is worse, he observes accurately. The SNP’s wee apologist army has declared war on truth.

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8 thoughts on “Death to truth!

  1. Many years back, Michael Russell appeared to be a fine intellect within the SNP ranks and John Swinney, if not scintillating, was a firm hand and honest broker. Both, and many others, have stood back and allowed the party to be eviscerated intellectually and politically, to be replaced by a Politburo of party yesmen and women, headed by a controlling leader for whom mention of independence became an embarrassment. All of these people became part of the problem, hoovering up the pension years and salaries, forgetting why they were there. Of course they needed security – we all do, but rarely get it – but they signed up to deliver independence and must have known, had they done what was expected of them, that their tenure would be short-lived. Politics should never become a profession, merely a holding position. That is its very nature. All the UK parties have forgotten their role and now believe their own propaganda, desperately backing irredeemable nonsense in order to placate a howling mob of fools and deluded cultural Marxists and Queer Theorists or betraying the very people at the bottom who elected them. All are guilty of betraying the general population and its welfare for a pottage, and those who benefit are all too ready to support their dishonesty and lack of integrity. A generation of business managers were parachuted into politics (and every other institution) and a tier of impenetrable and opaque language and petty rules became the norm everywhere, blocking real progress, not the false kind that passes for it, but which is actually regressive in every sense and way.

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  2. He’s been hitting the nail on the head more and more. I was actually an admirer of Nicola Sturgeon for a long time. She has very good communication skills and has a very natural manner with people but, alas, she has dropped the ball too many times and I’m now of the opinion she has become too comfortable as ‘the most popular politician’. I don’t subscribe to the view that she would accept a seat in the House of Lords, but I think if she were offered a post as some kind of UN ambassador or the like she would be quite happy to accept. Sad days, as I honestly thought I’d see independence in my lifetime, but at 74 years of age and recovering from cancer, I’ve lost hope of that.

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    1. “if she were offered a post as some kind of UN ambassador or the like she would be quite happy to accept”

      I’m sure she will be happy to accept the post, but maybe you should ask yourself why the British state would sanction a plum UN job for a Scottish ‘nationalist’?

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      1. Perhaps some of the theories about her might prove true in which case such an appointment wouldn’t be a surprise. I must admit at the moment I’m not quite ready to believe those theories are correct , but the way things are going, perhaps they’re not all that far fetched!

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  3. What or who are cultural Marxists? Are they a subset of followers of Karl Marx or are all Marxists “cultural” ? Whatever they are , you make them sound like a thoroughly nefarious lot but I’d like to learn more about them in case I tread on one .


    1. I also read Kevin McKenna’s article, I sometimes struggle with him but he describes the SNP accurately. Also struck by the defenders of the faith in the comments – and really feel sorry for them as they are clearly “still fooled” and in serious denial about the religion they have loyally adhered to for the last decade or so. I keep coming back to the saying “it is really easy to fool large numbers of people, it is extremely difficult to persuade them that they have been fooled” – attrbuted inter alia to Elon Musk and he should know. The final realisation of their “fooled” status is not going to be pretty and it is up to the rest of us to be conciliatory and inclusive, if only because until a relatively short while ago we (well certainly me) were among their number – we just spotted the lie a little earlier.

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  4. Given the number of people that have left the SNP, and especially all the long standing stalwarts that are now Alba Party members or ISP members or of no party affiliation, the question in my head is what is the composition of those remaining?

    There are a load of blindly loyal commenters below the line in The National who are variously party before country, virtue signalers and gender benders – are they representative of what’s left of the membership?

    If they are then the SNP would seem to be beyond saving.

    If not, then they need to pipe up now and let SNP HQ know that is they – the members – who are the boss . This is surely the last chance before the latest stitch-up is programmed in their name.

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