None of the above!

At the moment, we’re obviously in a political stalemate where Westminster are denying the voice of Scotland being expressed, so a Section 30 order would be an obvious way to go there.

Ash Regan

Ash Regan just blew it! She has now stated that she is prepared to compromise the sovereignty of Scotland’s people by going down the Section 30 route. SNP members who consider popular sovereignty to be non-negotiable now have no candidate to vote for.

To request or accept or even concede the validity of the Section 30 process is an act of treachery. We are comprehensively betrayed.

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8 thoughts on “None of the above!

  1. I watched the SKY news ‘debate’ last night and question the sanity and the vanity of all of them. Why did they go on? Agree to the format? Everything about it was bad. All in with the aim of creating an ‘entertainment’ show and making the whole of Scotland look crap, as they boasted, waffled and knocked lumps out of each other. Serious lack of judgement from all of them. I have a vote. A few thousand SNP members have a vote, they don’t need to go on national Telly. Ash is still the only hope of actual internal change in the SNP (where the members get a say on party policy) despite the Section 30 clanger.

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    1. I did not watch the apparent debacle last night but TBQH apart from sky being a uk protector I am not encouraged or enthused by any of them , Ash Regan first appeared to have courage and gravitas and could be forgiven for not knowing everything about everything but she has been caught wrongfooted and waffling about minor issues , she is trying to be too many things to too many people , she should stick to the BASE argument and announcement ” We Scots are having every future election on the principle of the CLAIM of RIGHT , THAT WE SCOTS choose the government that suits us” , if WM wants to challenge that in the international courts that is up to them ” and irrespective of which biased broadcaster or obsequious presstitute asks the question THAT is the answer

      This interminable having to answer every regurgitated piece of shit that the MSM and unionists pose is just a TRAP a continuous TRAP and our politicians fall for it every time
      What will you do IF WM don’t accept the result of THE election , WE will give WM 1 week to agree to negotiations on the division of assets of the combined uk, and if not willing to agree , the SG will take control of ALL government departments within Scotland no exclusions and WM with their intransigence and bullying will result in Scotland withdrawing any offer to share any debt
      I know that is radical and our politicians don’t do radical but that is what should happen

      I am not a member of any political party but it is hypocrisy to denigrate the unionist parties for refusing an election when a pm steps down or is removed and yet the snp are doing the exact same thing , it is 2 years since the snp won the election MANY negative policies and actions have changed things demonstrably most for the worst , it should be the full Scottish electorate that determines if the IDIOT serial failure Yousaf becomes FM , let’s be honest sturgeon and her failures in government will make selling independence harder , electing YOUSAF will encourage soft nos to remain with the union

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      1. Only one issue to be considered here, INDEPENDENCE! Any candidate giving credence to a Section 30 order is acknowledging WESTMINSTERS RIGHT TO DENY!!

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  2. Once again Ash Regan misses an opportunity to differentiate herself from the two ‘continuity’ candidates. Of course they were all going to agree that Scotland’s independence could be restored within five years. Where Ash could have set herself apart from the others was by eschewing the tired platitudes about ‘vision’ and ‘performance’. She could have slapped Yousaf down on his insistence that we “stop talking about process”, pointing out that absent a viable process, a vision is just wishful thinking and performance is no more than contested statistics.

    She could have pointed out that one of the main reasons support for independence hasn’t increased in the last eight years is the failure to persuade people not just of the potential, but of the possibleness. You can’t expect people to flock to a proposal for major constitutional change if you are unable (or unwilling) to state clearly the how of it. The process! A credible process is needed in order to make the proposition credible.

    Ash Regan could have left the others to make unsupported claims about what they would achieve as party leader and First Minister while she spoke not of what she would do, but of what must be done. She could have described some of the things that would have to happen regardless of how the task or restoring independence is approached. Things like the Scottish Parliament legislating for a referendum without a Section 30 order.

    Ash could have addressed the issue that has been side-lined while all the talk has been about BEING independent and how wonderful that would be. She could have spoken about BECOMING independent and how that can be achieved.

    She could have been different. I’m not saying she could have been a contender. Different would have been enough to assure her of a significant role in the independence movement after the leadership contest has come to its inevitably unsatisfactory conclusion.

    #DissolveTheUnion #NoSection30 #ScottishUDI #ProudMalcontent


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