The war against truth

When science becomes heresy against an orthodoxy which places human vanity above the laws that govern the unimaginably complex phenomenon of life itself, all of nature recoils at the immensity of such irrational presumption.

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16 thoughts on “The war against truth

  1. The Thought Police are rampant wherever you look.

    Periodically the human race, or parts of it, adopt insanity as their World view:

    Peter the Hermit proclaimed the First Crusade and traveled to Jerusalem with an army to reclaim the citadel for Christendom. Much murdering of Jews and Muslims ensued.

    More recently we have had Adlof Hitler utilisng concentration camps, Joe Stalin employing the gulags and Pol Pot using the killing fields as a means of imposing their version of social engineering as well as their nightmare vision of how society should be structured and which are the ‘correct’ behaviours to adopt.

    We are living through a period of what Charles Mackay might have called extraordinary popular delusions and madness of crowds. Except the crowds this time are in a very small minority of the populace, it’s just that these are in elite positions of power and influence. And much more malign and sinister.

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  2. You are in good company, Peter, and not alone.

    I was reading a piece in the Scotsman mag: a piece on a new book about witch hunts. The reviewer was at pains to point out that the author had not made more of people’s beliefs, in that they believed in the supernatural and that it confronted Christianity. Allan Massie is a fine author and reviewer, but I found that point rather glib.

    If everyone always believed everything at any given time, we would never have advanced an iota. The main reason for society eventually eschewing such beliefs as ‘witchcraft’ being a consorting with the Devil and refusing to accuse, torture, strangle and/or burn or drown so-called ‘witches’ was precisely because there were those who did not believe it for a second. It is very similar to this ‘trans’ bilge.

    The only ones who truly believe it are deranged; everyone else, apart from those who do not believe it through critical thinking, has something to gain from pretending to believe it. So it is with every mass insanity: there are those who pull the strings, those who enable and the foot soldiers. All have something to gain.

    Those who do not believe, the heretics/dissidents will always win out in the end, because reason always does, but, often, at great self-sacrifice and at great cost to them, theirs and to society as a whole. Mother Nature intervenes when she has taken all she can stand from stupid humans. My greatest fear is that one of these days, she will leave us to stew in our own self-made juice, and step aside. Bye, bye humanity.

    It doesn’t seem to occur to the rainbow-hued that, if you sterilise all female and male children in order to turn them into the other, that you are going to hit a wall at some point. Of course, many of them really do believe that you can transplant a womb into a man, forgetting that there are ovaries, a cervix, an endocrine system which is specifically female. As someone suggested, why don’t ‘trans’ women and ‘trans’ men just swap brains? Problem solved. Or it will be when we learn to transplant brains. Just don’t expect to inherit sense with your new brain, o rainbow hued ones. You are more likely to end up like Bungle and Zippy.

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    1. “The only ones who truly believe it are deranged; everyone else, apart from those who do not believe it through critical thinking, has something to gain from pretending to believe it.”

      Well said, indeed!

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  3. Your arguments against self-id are demonstrably wrong, and your citing of science as evidence is akin to devout believers in gods citing it as evidence of their existence.

    But no one should be banned for being wrong.


    1. There’s no need to believe in anything. If you cancelled the entire human race tomorrow, two immutable sexes would still exist, since a majority of animals need it to reproduce, but genders would be long gone.

      [This might appear twice, I got an error the first time I tried to post it]

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      1. It’s worth stating twice. Not that it will make any difference. The gender cult is entirely faith-based. There is no science to support the contention that sex is anything other than binary and immutable. As you point out, sex differentiation is fundamental to the entire phenomenon of life. Without the differentiation of sex there is no mixing in the copying process. Without that mixing, there is no change. Without change there is no adaptation. Without adaptation life succumbs to the first challenge in an environment made almost entirely of challenges.

        Gender cultists imagine they can pray away this fundamental requirement of life but take no responsibility for the need then for an entirely new explanation of how evolution works. They suppose they can take away that which is critical to life but leave life unaffected. Only gods can work such wonders.

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      1. It is not a case of transforming anyone into anything else. That is just your “are you related to monkeys on your mother’s or your father’s side” argument.

        Those who undergo surgery are merely making the external biology match up to the internal identity. As I’ve said before, nature is very messy, especially where something as complicated as Homo sapiens is concerned.

        There are literally thousands of examples of people born with both a penis and a vagina having their “sex” decided by a surgeon’s scalpel while still neonates. The mere fact these people exist gives the lie to your assertion, and if something as relatively simple as the external biology can be ambiguous, then the unfathomable complexity of the human psyche is far more open to glitching.

        Science is totally against you on this. A simple fact. Your Alf Garnett, “stands to reason dunnit” pub science just doesn’t cut it. It reduces the human race to genitalia. The way you see, feel, experience or relate to the world around you is irrelevant apparently. It is only what’s in your pants that counts it seems.

        But none of these arguments on whether trans people exist are relevant to the arguments used to scare people about the GRR bill. They are just a desperate attempt to give a pseudo-scientific legitimacy to the debunked smears over the threat to women from it.

        If there was any legitimacy to the scare stories, why haven’t they manifested themselves over the last 20 years? The GR Act 2004 introduced GR Certificates, and the Equalities Act 2010 allowed those who possessed certificates to access single sex areas. The GRR bill only makes getting a certificate easier, less intrusive and less humiliating than before. It does not grant any more access than already existed.

        Had trans access to single sex areas been the threat the anti-trans mob insist it is, we would have buckets of evidence by now. Many countries and jurisdictions have given access to single sex areas to trans people and have even instigated self-id. Evidence of the threats to women’s safety and rights should be massive …. but it’s non-existant.

        The argument against the GRR bill is unscientific, unfounded and evidence free. As one political commentator put it, the GRR bill is “anodyne”. So why are the malcontents so animated by it and willing to ignore the lack of any evidence for the stance they are taking?

        It couldn’t be because they have been played by the UK Govt and it’s “false flaggers” within the malcontent community could It? Certainly the way they have conveniently sided with the UK Govt in the current constitutional issue suggests their priorities are skewed. The Rev even declared “we support it wholeheartedly”. Pretty shocking for someone who insists (with ever less credibility) to support independence.

        Do malcontents support laws being made in Scotland, by Scots, for Scots; or do they support the UK Govt intervening in the case of laws they don’t like? You can’t do both.


        1. “The argument against the GRR bill is unscientific, unfounded and evidence free. As one political commentator put it, the GRR bill is “anodyne”. So why are the malcontents so animated by it and willing to ignore the lack of any evidence for the stance they are taking?”

          Because the unamended GRRB allows rapists and paedos dressed as pretendy women into women and children’s safe spaces, and that’s not on, and if you think nothing will happen take a look at these monsters.

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          1. No Rep, the Equalities Act 2010 allows trans access to single sex spaces. The GRR bill has nothing to do with that.

            The idea that any sexual predator is waiting with baited breath for the GRR bill to pass before committing a crime is utter bullsh*t. A crime is a crime no matter what certificate you may or may not hold, and no one is asking for proof you are what you say you are outside women’s toilets or changing rooms. In short, there is nothing to stop them entering these spaces to commit their crimes, whether they dress as women or not, with or without the GRR bill being passed.


    2. Me Bungo Pony.

      I never really took you seriously, but with that comment, I now know that you have no credibility left whatsoever.

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      1. Not my best wording. I’ll try again; your performative nonsense will not persuade gender critics of your case, nor earn you the friendship of fellow transactivists.
        I would be worried if you took me seriously.


  4. There’s far too much money to be made out of this gender bollocks that’s why the debate is often shutdown via suspensions on social media, repeating the truth (Galileo spent a decade under house arrest for speaking the truth, a truth the church didn’t like) on gender and sex, the latter of which there is only two sexes male and female is now bad for your career.

    In a thousand years time when they dig up the bones of the current generation and sex them, it will be shown that there are still only two sexes male and female. The worlds gone mad brought on by those that are making huge profits from this gender bollocks that’s destroying young lives, they are mutilating their bodies and in years to come there’s going to be a helluva lot of angry adults asking why did you let me do this to myself.

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    1. There is almost always more to these things than money. Those whose interests are other than just money are happy enoughthat people should assume it’s all about the money. More often than we might like to suppose, people do seriously harmful things just because they can. It’s in the nature of power that it must be used. Power left unused by one party tends to be picked up by another. So the first party is driven to use the power regardless of any real purpose and heedless of any harm that might be done.

      A good example of this is the media witch-hunt. If you’re ever wondering what all the fuss is about then it is likely that this is just the media flexing its muscles ─ destroying somebody’s life just because they can. And because they need the world to know they can.

      Money is merely a token of power. It is power made easily countable and transferable. But it is the power that is real.

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  5. This is a heck of another needless diversion from the main goal, which further proves ‘the leader has no merit’. Its nae wunner we are nowhere near liberation with these imposters.

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