Political aspiration versus partisan interest

In response to Stan Grodynski’s long letter in the Sunday National, I would like to point out that while I cannot speak for Kenny MacAskill or Kevin McKenna, my “political aspirations for Scotland” are ending the injustice of the Union and restoring Scotland’s independence. Perhaps Mr Grodynski would care to explain why he wants me to put these aspirations “to one side” so as to give priority to the partisan interests of the SNP and the personal ambitions of Nicola Sturgeon.

No party or politician can be immune from scrutiny. We all know how vital the SNP ─ as the party of government ─ is to Scotland’s cause. The notion that this should imply less scrutiny rather than more seems ‘counter-intuitive’, if not just plain stupid. Being essential to the process of restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status surely implies that it is incumbent on all who aspire to independence to ensure that the party of government is fulfilling its role in the process. Clearly, the SNP is not.

The long letter

Under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership, the fight to restore Scotland’s independence has stalled at best. By some measures it has actually gone backwards since 2014.

Evidently, some are prepared to accept this situation without dissent. Just as they are content to settle for the mock referendum we are being offered rather than embarrass Nicola Sturgeon by demanding the exercise of our right of self-determination that many (most?) of us thought we were voting for when we gave the SNP all those mandates.

I will take no lectures on how my political aspirations for Scotland might be realised from those who put their party before Scotland’s cause. I urge all who share my aspiration to combine in order to compel the Scottish Government to rethink its failed and failing approach to the constitutional issue.

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12 thoughts on “Political aspiration versus partisan interest

  1. “my “political aspirations for Scotland” are ending the injustice of the Union and restoring Scotland’s independence”

    Yes, so are mine. Thats why I’ll be at Holyrood on Wednesday with a placard demanding the SG do just that. There needs to be lots of us there doing the same.

    I think my placard will read something like “Dear Scottish Govt, end the injustice of the Union and restore Scotland’s independence”

    (no names or parties, just the action required addressed to the body who can do it)

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  2. Haven’t seen the letter you refer to , P , but I can infer from your comments it’s another tedious track on the latest NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL PISH compilation album – NTWICP Vol 3391 .

    Yes , let’s all wheesht again ( like we did last summer, autumn, spring , winter ad nauseam ) because wheeshting has been SO successful we’d be just plain daft not to .

    Don’t believe me ?

    Witness the entire population ( ok , maybe not the entire ) of Scotland mobilising to send a clear , unequivocal message to our , eh …..chums down South if ( ie when ) it declares Scotland is a bit too wee , a bit skint n def pure dead daft to decide it’s own future . The message is this ……


    Our opponents will be utterly powerless to resist such a declaration of defiance

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  3. ps . DUH ! I just noticed the letter in question is above – I obviously skipped-over it in order to finish reading your piece . Have read it now . Yip . More ZEN IN THE ART OF WHEESHTING babble

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  4. Mr Grodynski believes we should give our trust to the FM if we hope to gain Independence. I note he fails to acknowledge the inextricable link between Independence and the Gender Recognition Reform Bill currently going through Holyrood. Does he mean Nicola Sturgeon, the betrayer of women, girls and children, the destroyer of women’s rights, the person who has carefully crafted the link of the despised Gender Recognition Reform to Independence, not one without the other, this FM? She, her government and her policies are solely responsible for the appearance of several Independence parties. She alone, is responsible for the major split in Scotland between her government and women in Scotland. Women who oppose the GRR will no longer vote for the SNP, to do so would be affirming her policies of GRR and the Hate Crime Bill. The GRR has not reached its final stage yet women and girls are already being subjected to the invasion of their single-sex spaces by men. When Mr Grodynski experiences the fear and anger that women feel about the onslaught of gender self-ID, when he has been told by the FM that his grave concerns about the GRR/self-identification are not valid despite a large volume of evidence to the contrary, then he can write another letter apologising for suggesting the FM is owed anything for her deplorable actions in Scotland.

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