The Remedy for All that’s Wrong

Scotland’s independence movement needs fresh thinking of the kind the SNP has sought to snuff out. Sara Salyers demonstrates this fresh thinking.


The Remedy for All that’s Wrong

A guest article from Sara Salyers

All That’s Wrong?

At the heart of the political, economic and social disaster unfolding around us is a broken political system. Anglo-Norman feudalism in modern clothing has given us a despotic and unaccountable government, political corruption, cronyism,incompetence, privilege with impunity for a wealthy, powerful elite, government violation of the rule of law and government betrayal of the public trust.

Under this despotic system we, the people, have no guarantee whatever of our public rights, interests or needs, even those that are enshrined in law. And we have no mechanism for redress. That is why we can fairly describe this supposed democracy as despotism. We may vote for a different party every five years but this is no more than a different flavour of the same poison.

There is no genuine public input on policies that massively impact the…

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