You’ve been scent-marked!

The lion has its way of scent-marking all that it considers part of its domain.

The British ruling elite has its way of doing the same.

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11 thoughts on “You’ve been scent-marked!

  1. In similar vein to the use of the ‘Progress’ Pride Flag during pride week, this sort of display wouldn’t look out of place in other times in Europe.
    A Geordie (former) friend of mine once remarked at his surprise that the Scots in favour of the Union were happy to accept the crumbs “off Longshanks’ table” and this very succinct piece from Peter demonstrates why.
    Conditioned serfdom and more recently coerced conformity is the methodology of ‘scent-marking’ their territory. It is maintained by division propagated through heavily influenced politics.
    Sadly even many Indy voters seem caught up in the social contagion over the funeral.

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  2. Yesterday I mourned alright but not for the queen, yesterday was the 19th of September the day after the 18th, and the 8th anniversary of our indyref that we lost. Most of us, who want independence found out eight years ago yesterday of the deflating result, that has seen Scotland still tied to this rancid union.

    Worse, well almost worse, than losing that indyref ,is that we have an FM in place who hasn’t forwarded the cause one inch since she took office, infact a strong case can be made that she has damaged the cause.

    Watching Sturgeon and Murrell sing with gusto in memory of the queen and in the name of the new King Charles III, confirms that the British lions have indeed marked their territory, and their obsequious personnel in Scotland.

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  3. When I lived in central London – 9 years as an ’emigre’ trying to scrape out a living in this sceptic isle due, I imagine, to having lived a very bad previous life – I used to, for fun, conjure up different names for the most supposedly prestigious roads and places in The Smoke.

    For example, “Birdcage Walk” became “Birdshit Walk” on account of the deposits left by the multitude of local pigeons there whilst “Horse Guards Parade” was renamed “Horse Dung Parade” for rather obvious reasons.

    “The Mall” was renamed “The Smell” in my imaginary Monopoly board for reasons I could never quite explain even to myself.

    From your pictures now I know why.

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  4. I can well understand the Head of State getting a big colorful State Funeral.
    She was after all Head of State!
    However, they certainly overdid it.
    Why have this Lying in State a full 4 days?
    Why did Carlos jet of to London the day after his mummy died, when he could have made his 1st address to all and sundry, direct from Balmoral, I mean, we do have all the tech and stuff to make it happen right there!
    Then the proclamation of him as King, etc, the following next day. That too could have waited a few days, and I found it unseemly the way he tramped across UK the way he did.
    The fact is, both He and the UK Establishment were shamelessly using this as a charade to try garner extra popular support, and flog the “Brand Britain” line shamelessly.

    A bit slightly off topic, but I have noticed certain folks constantly referring to the “Windsor” line as the Germanic, Saxe Gothe Coburgs.
    Actually, I would consider this the Hanoverian (but still Germanic) dynasty.
    Victoria was Hanover. Her father was one of the sons of George III, and both she her dad, and George III were all born in England.
    True Victoria married Albert of Saxe Gotha, but he wasn’t a King, She was Queen, and so, it really is still the House of Hanover.
    They could hardly revert back to being called Hanover during World War One, so chose an English royal castle for a new, and note it well, “English” sounding name!
    When Elizabeth married Philip (of Mountbatten) in the late 1940s, they made sure the prince had to take the Windsor name.
    So I say this is still the House of Hanover, and that is something they would rather not want to make widely known in Scotland!

    Aside from that little history lesson, I have heard certain pretend Scottish politicians rant and rave all this display of “affection” for the Queen we saw in Edinburgh, as show of support for the Union.
    Christine Jardine of the Libs being one such person.
    They delude themselves!
    Not all pro Monarchy folks are pro Union.
    And a lot of pro Republic folks did have a degree of respect for the late Queen.
    Tho in actual fact, I don’t think she did too much of use, but that she lived long enough, and was a nice enough person, gained respect for her personally, but not necessarily for Monarchy as such, and certainly not out of a desire to keep the Union.

    I wonder now that she is gone, if it might help break the emotional connections to UK, far too many here still held on to?
    I certainly hope so.
    Tho as has been well pointed out, that by itself will not end the Union.
    We need the Scottish politicians to help make that happen. And just now, the ones that really matter, are being way too timid!

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  5. Glad you’re feeling better P . Can we expect a return to Full Expletive Mode ? I doubt there’s been a time when they were more called for .

    I see the forces of Indy Idiocy have been directing their rAndoMLy caPiTAliseD infantile spleen in your direction That balloon – whose name I can infer even though you’ve blurred it – regularly assails Iain Lawson’s blog with his asinine comments . TBH I’m pretty sure the Tosh Merchant is either a bot or a troll , probably the latter , a bot wouldn’t be that thick .

    Whether he is or not , your point about the state the * Movement * has fallen to under NS is still valid . Abysmal .

    Your other comment about that triumvirate of colonial smugness outside their brand , spanking new HQ , from which they intend to exert increasing control over our country – and let’s face it , who’s going to stop them ? – is equally accurate .

    Sturgeon is away – or recently was – saving Womenkind , one platitude at a time , at some conference in the company of her role model – ” we came , we saw , he died ” H Bomb Clinton . I forced myself to watch her giving her ” I’m Nicola Sturgeon FM of Scotland ” piece to camera – oh she’s a well-oiled turbo-ambition-charged machine now – and nothing could be more obvious than that this is exactly where she sees herself ie swanning about the globe being * progressive * in the company of the her gal pals . Scotland is just an irritant to her now

    Like you , I’m of the opinion we’re in the region of 85/90% fucked * . Also like you , I have no intention of simply accepting this fatalistically . Rage Rage against the lying and the shite

    as long as NS and the flock are in control

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