Like hogweed!

No wonder Boris Johnson is grinning like the cat that got all the cream. He wins again! I for one would not have bet against it despite all the prophecies of his imminent doom in the pages of The National. Prophecies that have all the tedious familiarity of a Nicola Sturgeon referendum announcement.

The headline makes no sense, of course. A Tory leader who wins a confidence vote is far from being a ‘lame duck’. Boris knows this even if The National finds it expedient to persist with the daft idea that his jaikit is on a peg made of pure shoogle. With the ‘independence is inevitable’ delusion making up the matching pair of pleb-pacifiers.

Johnson is grinning like the malignant child clown he is because he knows he’s safe from any internal challenge for a full year. Which gives him plenty of time to cut a swathe through those swathes of Tory rebels. Most of whom will now be desperately trying to claw their way back into his favour. Or at least out of his crosshairs. Very cross indeed.

One might have thought that even The National would by now have started to get that Boris is a survivor. Not only has he beaten off this challenge, but he has also done so at precisely the right time. To a man, woman and Gove, every Tory will now recognise that Johnson is the one who will lead their party into the next UK general election. The impulse and imperative now will be to rally around in a show of the solidarity in the face of threat for which the British Conservatives used to be renowned. Although it must be said that the pond-life-under-a-microscope antics of the British Labour Party probably made the Tories look better than they really were. Even Boris’s sworn enemies within the party will want him to stay in place for the election. If that election is to be lost as polls are starting to suggest it would sweeten the bitter pill of defeat considerably to have Boris taking the blame.

And if the Tories actually win that election – which is another thing I wouldn’t bet against – there will be time and opportunity enough to bring down Boris afterwards. Which is fine, but for one thing. Boris Johnson is a survivor.

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6 thoughts on “Like hogweed!

  1. I for one am really glad that he has survived, the longer he remains the more work he does towards the demise of the union. Why should any independence supporter think otherwise ?


    1. What work is he doing “towards the demise of the union”? Where can we see the signs of this work? Where is the evidence of it?

      I’ll save you the trouble, Geoff. There is no evidence. There are no signs. There is nothing to suggest that Boris Johnson has changed the mind of a single No voter. Likewise, the other thing that was supposed to drive people into the arms of the independence movement in droves – Brexit.

      The polls have flatlined since 2014. That is the reality. Why would any independence supporter shy away from this truth?

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  2. This is the result the Tories wanted and why they held the vote before the up-coming by-elections which might have caused more MPs to vote Johnson out, were they to be as disastrous as predicted.

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    1. It’s certainly a result that suits Boris Johns very nicely. It’s incredible that people believe he has been weakened by the confidence vote. They attach significance to the high proportion of the parliamentary group which voted against them. But this is British politics. There are no second prizes. There’s the winner. Then there’s nothing. Boris was the winner.


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